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CrowdFunding promotion Hidden Jewels-Jewelry Organizer

posted Feb 20, 2015, 3:06 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 20, 2015, 3:06 PM ]   Discount code for 40% off

The Story

I love jewelry, love organization &and I love hearts! After a recent move, and a jumbled mess of jewelry, I decided that I wanted to create something that was multipurpose. It will be a décor piece, and be functional. There will be 4 sizes, Ranging in Size from 12" to the largest at 24".

This hinged heart jewelry organizer will hang on the wall. I envision a trio of hearts for some ladies. Each heart will vary in shape from 12" to 16" to 20" and will hold one type of jewelry(ex. rings in one, bracelets in another, etc) . The exterior will be mirrored or maybe designed in other materials according to what seems like the best way to sell.

The interior will be made of a felt like material and fitted appropriately with varying jewelry organizing hardware.

One large heart of 24" will be organized to hold all jewelry in one box. The heart shape is inspired by my love of hearts and that I am married to the love of my life.

The funds that I am trying to raise are for a prototype that I need created so I can sell my idea. I need to show the functionality and the cuteness of this idea. This heart shaped wall hanging can be easily be removed from the wall with all jewelry inside . The magnetic cover will keep the jewelry safe and not allow for it escape its enclosure.