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CrowdFunding promotion Help us to create a GalvanArt workshop

posted Jan 18, 2015, 12:32 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Jan 18, 2015, 12:40 AM ]


Hi everyone, my name is Igor, and that's my girlfirend Olga

We live in beautifull Ukraine, in legendary city named Odessa.With cheerful people with no repeatable style and quirky weather. We are both ex-students, and for a long time engaged in cosplay.

 Themselves do stuff, costumes,makeup, set scenes, participating in convents.

And when we started thinking about a career, realized that will be little bit hard to go with our proffesions, and that is a time when we need to say "no" your hobby. It's a way to found to combine work and hobbies. Doing some really cool things, improve art-stuff in our country. And to provide people electroforming technique. In a few words, this method is capable of applying metal coating on any surface, with the help of electricity. We want to open a workshop, raise the creation of the stuff to a new level.Any thing you can imagine can be put into the metal, any shape, color or texture.

All possible ornaments and decorative items.

Or something very unusual))

All animals died naturally and honored to perpetuate in the metal.

What We Need 

We need to create almost industrial powers of our workshop. It will save a lot of time. and able to create very complex and perfect in quality stuff, using electroforming technique.

3D Printer - 1800 $

PLA plastic - 460 $

Cooker hood - 83 $

Regulated Power Supply - x4 - 1240 $

Tanks for electroplating - x4 - 48 $

Galvanokarandash - 38 $

Anode for copper plating - x2 - 35 $

Anode for nickel - x2 - 35 $

The anode / cathode. wire for electroplating - x4 - 64 $

The cathode contact wire - 16 $

Reagents - 1750 $

Cotton swabs - 4 $

Rubber gloves - 12 $

Protective glasses contour - x2 - 16 $

Rent contract - 750 $

At the begining

When we begin to complement our workshop, we will create a video blog and will share with you all of your Successes, talk about the stages of manufacturing, finishing, etc. And ready to show the work that will be available on our website, (it is still in the process).

In your power to help us in the incarnation of our dreams.Your contribution goes towards building for a workshop. Where you can ask us to do anything in order for you to please yourself or your loved ones unusual gifts, decorate your interior or give your things unusual format. We are opened for any questions you can ask.