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CrowdFunding promotion Help start a new life helping children in Thailand

posted Jan 18, 2015, 1:28 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Jan 18, 2015, 1:28 AM ]

The Story

Hello there,

My name is Dakota Bramblette and my fiance's name is Ambrosia Gentry. We have lived together in a couple states in the US looking for the best way to help the people we are passionate about.

After experiencing hardships of our own and seeing first hand how easily opportunities can be lost or never had in the first place, we have sought out to dedicate ourselves to bringing opportunity where before it did not exist. As we do our best to grow our empathy for all who suffer around the world, years ago we had seen the need for more education in developing countries such as Thailand.

After years of contemplation and thought, we have had our sights set on Thailand as the place we will try our best to make a difference together. There we can fulfill our passion in life to give children and adults the opportunity to have a better life.

As Thailand emerges in the list of modernizing countries, it requires much work in order to get to where it needs to be. See, many children in Thailand are under an increasing need for supplemental education, including the learning of the English language.

Thai children and adults do not always get the education they need in order to be successful and have a better chance at a better life. My fiance (and soon to be wife!) and I wish to work together to alleviate this issue.

Together, Ambrosia and I will immerse ourselves into the Thai culture and participate in invigorating and enriching the educational experience of Thai children and also adults in need.

We are securing employment in education in Thailand. While we do that, we are doing what we can to raise the money to cover our transportation costs and to help us find accommodation.

Please help us make our dreams come true and be a part of making a better life for our family and the lives that we can touch in Thailand.

Thank you for what you can do in advance, whether it be a donation of any kind or by spreading the word to others. Your kindness, generosity, and help have us eternally grateful to you. We will ensure every participator, monetary or otherwise, will get our personal thanks and we will find someway, somehow to repay you for your incredible gesture to us and our cause.

If you are interested, we have listed each of our costs below so that you understand exactly where your generosity is going to:

Two Tickets 450 x 2 900

Two Passports 195 x 2 390

Cats Transport 400 + (125 x 2) 650


Deposit ≤400 400

Our Vaccinations 50 x 2 100

Cats Vaccinations 50 x 3 150

Cat Certification

Forms 117 + 7 + 7 140

Import Fees

@ Airport 33 x 3 100

Baggage Fees ~2 bags 100

Emergency Costs 70

Total $3000

Once again, thank you so much for you help and thank you for letting us achieve our dreams. :)