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CrowdFunding promotion Help me to clear My wife's Medical Expenses loan

posted Feb 12, 2015, 1:07 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 12, 2015, 1:07 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off

My name is B.R.Srinivas Achar . I am Requesting everyone to contribute and support to clear my wife’s medical expenses loan her name was Usha Achar. she was a house wife who took care of me and my daughter  and supported us in every situation of our life.But today only she has left us alone with her good and unforgettable memories.My Wife had gone through Kidney infection and admitted her  to hospital in Mysore on 15 Nov , but due to their  insufficient treatment we had to shift her to another super speciality  hospital on 16 Nov and  She had undergone around 6 to 7 dialysis .She was in ventilator for first 7 days ,they did stunting also to remove her pus from kidney and she was almost improving after 4 days in hospital and  but when they tried to remove the  ventilator supporting pipe  her heart beats were varied and so she was again put on ventilator and she got second level infections which gave her high fever .To reduce the Fever she was given high antibiotics along with other antibiotics and due to that she lost her body sensorium . we discharged her on 30th Nov due to high charges of ICU which was not under our capacity to pay the ICU day today bills and after that  we kept 24 hours nursing at home to take care of her health even though we had kept 24 hours nursing at home we had to admit her  almost 8 times till january 8th for her dialysis and for her every week check up.  We spent around 25 Lakhs in Indian Rupees for all the treatment through loans .And we lost her on January 8th 2013.Till now we are not able to clear the loans i.e 2 years,The interest for 25 lakh is being  increasing day by day and it has become 30 lakh now($50,000). So Its my request to everyone to contribute to clear our loan of 30 lakh (i.e. $50,000 )its very very important for us to clear the loan  because my daughter is unemployed and I am working in a small organisation which helps me to manage our two times bread a day .so please help us as soon as possible .For any further clarification feel free to contact me to my mail id

Thank you very much to everyone in advance


B.R.Sreenivas Achar 
Manasa Achar