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CrowdFunding promotion Help me start from scratch

posted Jun 2, 2015, 12:14 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Jun 2, 2015, 12:15 AM ]

The Story

Hello ! My name is Raul , I`m 23 years old , and I am from Romania !

My story starts back in '92 when I was born , I wasn't rich , but I wasn't poor either . I had two loving parents , who fought to give me all the things I desired , although they didn't give me all , I loved and still love them , I had a pretty good life , until about 5 years ago when my dad made cancer and couldn't work anymore .

This is when my "sad" story starts . The bills were coming from allover the place ,and my mother couldn't handle them anymore , so I had to go and work , but that wasn't enough . The bills were to big , my father`s medication was expensive , and I had to take a loan , to cover all the bills and all my father expenses .

My father got better physically but mentally he was going down , so he start drinking after he recovered , and all that we`ve done previously was in vain . After 2 years of heavy drinking and yelling at us and not working nothing , my mom decides that she had enough , so she took my sister ( who is 8 years younger than me ) and went away , and I don`t blame her , my father was a mess at that time , but I stuck there hoping that he would do better , and recover . But the bills were still coming , and I couldn't took them all . I tried to convince him to sell the house and buy a small apartment , but he didn't want to do that , so I took another loan to pay the bills , with the idea that one day he will recover and help me pay back all of that , but I was wrong .

I was wrong , so wrong that I couldn't believe myself , when he told me that he didn`t want to be better , to recover , and I was wasting my time siting there with him .

So now I am a lot in debt , for nothing after all , and I want to start over .

That is why I came here , to shout out to all you good and great people , to lend me a hand if you can .

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot support with money , there is no problem , thanks for being interested in donating , thanks for reading the story .

You are free to share , if you cannot donate .

2 quotes that are some kind of rules for me :

1. " Sharing is caring "

2. " Be good , do good ! "

Have a great life everybody !