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CrowdFunding promotion Help me pursue my master's degree

posted Mar 21, 2015, 10:20 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Mar 21, 2015, 10:21 PM ]

I want to study a master's program of Drug Innovation at Utrecht university in Netherlands
My name is Mujtaba K. A. Hassan i live in Khartoum the capital of the Sudan i have graduated from the faculty of pharmacy for about seven months , in the first year of my university study i got a second-upper class but in the following years in manged to flip the table and graduated with a first class and ranked at the top three based on cumulative grade points average  . while i was studying in the faculty of pharmacy i found my self talented in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry  and i got excellent results in almost all chemistry and drug discovery related subjects .At the same time i became aware that there are many diseases that neglected by the major pharmaceutical companies who are developing new safe and effective medicines . 

 Those diseases are neglected because they are widespread in developing and tropical countries like my country to a greater extent . a study conducted by the Lancet Global Health, the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) and other researchers reported a persistent deficiency in truly new therapeutics for neglected diseases, despite nominal progress and an acceleration in research and development (R&D) efforts. This continued 'fatal imbalance' in medical R&D points to the urgent need to develop and deliver groundbreaking new treatments for the world's poorest and most neglected patient . To strengthen the the development for new drugs for neglected diseases as soon as i graduated from the faculty of the pharmacy i prepared my documents and applied for the master's program of drug innovation at Utrecht university in Netherlands and thankfully i have been accepted 

Why Utrecht university:

This university is one of the highly ranked universities in the world and it has a stellar reputation for being research oriented universities . the Utrecht institute for pharmaceutical sciences which is  ideally positioned in the Faculty of Science to work on basic scientific problems has state-of-the-art research facilities and diversity of affiliated research groups and one of them is the research group of Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology which is aimed at developing and synthesizing of new innovative therapeutics and the head of the research group Prof. Dr. Roland J. Pieters is reputable for his researches and publications in the field of drug discovery and synthesis for infectious diseases. 

Furthermore,  Utrecht  city  and  its  vicinity  embrace  many  Pharmaceutical  companies,which mean  I will be able  to discuss  and share information with researchers  from  those companies  and  this  will  deepen  my  understanding  of  life  sciences  problems  and  will  help me  to  understand  the  difficulties  that  faces  them  and  the  regulations  that  govern  drug discovery and that would have a profound benefit to me in my career life.

Why i am asking for donation:

because of the fact the i leave in a least developing country, studying abroad presents a real challenge to people living there because salaries can be as low as $100 per month . my monthly salary is 1540 Sudanese pounds approximately $180 which means i am not able to cover the expenses . In terms of my family contribution my father works at bank and his monthly salary hardly reaches $2000 and although he is diabetic, asthmatic and hypertensive he is doing his best to cater for us , my mother is a lawyer but now she is a stay-at-home mom in addition i have two younger brothers and one older sister .

Your donation will help me pursue my master's degree and foster the prosperity of drug discovery for neglected diseases.

where will your money go ?

64,200 Euros = $71904 will be spent in the following manner?

20,700 = $23,184 tuition fees per year in two years = $46,368

€950 = $1064 per month for two years = $25536

This $1064 per month will be spent as follows:

Expenses (per month)




Living expenses (food, clothing, travel, etc)


Study materials




Total (per month)


I will be faced by financial challenges and academic challenges , your contribution will solve my financial challenge .

I  believe  that  I  possess  the  necessary  intellectual  and  interpersonal  qualities  for  this master's  program through which i will be able to solve my academic challenges.    I have  a  strong  background  because  my  bachelor's  degree  program  was  a  combination  of  chemical,  biological  and  pharmaceutical  science  in  which I  gained the  required  theoretical  knowledge  and  laboratory  skills.  In  addition  I  possess  the qualities  required  for  an  up-and-coming  researcher and drug innovator ;  firstly  inquisitiveness  and  creativity as I have been trying to devise new mechanisms for synthesis of some drugs rather than those found in textbooks and to postulate new drug targets for some  diseases,  for most of the time I just sit and imagine the correct mechanism for synthesis of some drugs and the  proposed  laboratory  conditions.  secondly  teamwork  ability  ,  determination  and problem solving ability as I managed to work successfully in the graduation project with  three of my colleagues to develop new method for aspirin quantification , we used to stay in the laboratory from early morning to the evening repeating the tests and detecting the problems , finding some way to solve it and repeating the tests again and again until we got  the  desired  result,  thirdly  is  time  management   ,  i  had  to  balance  between  my academic life and my extracurricular activities and I managed to do this .

Other ways you can help:

1- you can get the word out, share the link between the persons and organizations whom you think can give a valuable donation

2- Tell me about a would-be donors