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CrowdFunding promotion Help a Veteran & his daughter

posted Feb 15, 2015, 10:33 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 15, 2015, 10:34 PM ]   Discount code for 40% off

Hello to any and all receiving and reading our campaign updates! I would like to thank everyone that has been sharing and liking our campaign, and a BIG thank you to those whom have donated. We truly appreciate your contribution! 

Recently, my daughter had become very ill and required transport to the hospital by ambulance. My poor lil Princess has a case of the flu and it happens to be the strain which the vaccine does not cover. Long of the short, the doc had warned me about how nasty it is and to be prepared to be dealing with it for upwards of a month. 
I pray that the good Lord will see fit to limit the flu's duration, so my Princess gets back to being her pretty lil self.
Please continue to like, share, & donate, if you are able to. My daughter and I are still in need. We appreciate any and all support/donations received.
Until next time, stay blessed and thank you all!
Having recently suffered a broken back from a ladder fall at home, this Veteran found himself and his daughter falling upon hard times. Unable to seek employment for a minimum of six months, due to the back injury, the last thing this father thought he would be having to worry about is, having to suddenly make ends meet for his daughter and himself.

As a result of circumstances beyond his control, this Veteran, father, and husband, was faced with the grim reality of a separation, and pending divorce.  What he didn't count on was, finding himself and his daughter, completely abandoned by his recently estranged spouse.

This unfortunate event brought about some fear of homelessness, as this father was served a, "5 day Pay or Quit." Under the impression that it was a mistake, he contacted his wife and asked if she paid rent, to which his wife said it was paid, only to find it wasn't.

Having the responsibility of raising a child and needing to maintain shelter for himself and his daughter, he realized he would need to seek assistance. Considering his recent injury, temporary disability seemed to be the best option. As with anything else, when applying for SSDI, he learned it would take some time and would not be immediate.

As a result, this single father and his beautiful daughter, are in desperate need of assistance, for making ends meet, keeping the lights on and the roof over their head. Any assistance you may provide, is greatly appreciated. This account was created by a family friend for this Family.

Please share and donate today!