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CrowdFunding promotion Help Fund resale shop to benefit rescue animals

posted Apr 9, 2015, 1:57 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 9, 2015, 1:57 AM ]

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Your donation will help save a life! Together, we can save many more!

About Me - Buffi Dudley

I love animals and our environment. My dream is to run a no-kill shelter.  Since I am not independently wealthy, I am opening a non-profit 501c3 resale store in NH where all profits will go directly to animal rescue. With your help, we can open a large store in a great location and proceeds can continue to help these causes year after year.  I have a great team with years of retail, sales, and marketing experience, and a passion for making this happen! I also have most of my start-up inventory. My team member and I have both worked in retail (Karyn owned a brick and mortar clothing store and I ran a two-story shopping mall in the Virgin Islands). We have the experience to run this business, from buying, merchandising, design, advertising and media buying, marketing, sales experience (including online stores), inventory, book-keeping and taxes. My goal is to do well by doing good!  Be part of something great - donate today!

What I Need 

I need more than $100,000 to make a truly huge impact and to start out in the best location from day one. I am looking at grants and small business loans for the balance and am getter closer to opening every day. This funding pays for:

  • Store build out & signage
  • Computer system & software
  • Six months Rent & Utilities
  • Six months Payroll and taxes
  • Advertising
  • Used truck 

The Impact

Animal Rescue:

In America, approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed every year. There is not enough space for these homeless animals in shelters or even adoptive homes. This calls for a solution to this growing crisis.  Many business owners keep their profits, but this non-profit shop will donate it all to multiple local and national animal rescue foundations.  There is potential to save thousands of lives yearly.

Environmental Impact:

While shoppers are rushing to thrift and consignment stores in order to save money they are also doing their part to save the environment.

ABC News estimates that 98% of the clothing purchased in the U.S. comes from abroad, using up energy and polluting the planet with coal and natural gas along its way to the store. In contrast buying resale produces a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

According to definitions by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, salesclerks at a thrift shop would have Green Jobs. These are environmentally friendly jobs. These stores collect and recycle items that would otherwise be waste.

Packaging associated with new items often ends up in landfills.  Anyone who has ever bought something new knows those products come with a lot of packaging, be it plastic, tissue, tags, etc. Items from resale eliminate unnecessary packaging.

When people donate items and others purchase them from a resale shop, they are keeping these items out of a landfill. Everyone involved is helping the environment. Resale shopping reduces the carbon footprint while reusing items and saving shoppers money.

A recent Forbes article quoted "Fashion-conscious Millennials are increasingly de-branding as a way to stand out from the crowd. Less interested in logo-centric apparel, they’re passing on trips to the mall in favor of thrift and vintage clothing shops"  The Forbes article shows that resale shops are popular and help the environment!   

Just a Few of our Perks

More in Perks Section

Risks & Challenges

There are always risks in any new business. We have done our homework as to the competition in our area, the demographics, the properties available, renting vs. owning, etc. We feel very confident that this will be a huge success. Resale does well in good and bad economies as long as it is run well and we have the experience to run it very well. Independent stores that give to charities (especially animals and environmental causes) tend to do better than independent for-profit stores.  The price of a cup of coffee from each person is enough to make a huge difference long-term, help our environment and save thousands of animals! The only risk to you donating to this cause is that if I do not make my goal, all money received will go directly to rescue efforts at Peace and Paws Rescue in NH and the ASPCA instead of to the store. Either way, you are helping the animals!

    Other Ways You Can Help

    If you cannot donate,  please share this with others who love animals and the earth, who may be willing to donate, and/or who may also share this on social media or through their email lists? Lot's of caring individuals like yourself are needed to make our goal! If you are local to NH and want to donate items for the store, or help with a benefit event, or have any other terrific advice or ideas, please email me  at