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CrowdFunding promotion Help For Jennifer Fair - A GenX Gem

posted Feb 1, 2015, 10:39 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 1, 2015, 10:41 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off


This campaign is in support of Jennifer Fair and her efforts to fund her remaining Graduate and post-Graduate professional projects and ventures to help provide support toward a brighter and more productive time. Particularly, English-teaching abroad, eco-travel, research, and other academic oriented writing, etc.


Jennifer is a studied example of her GenX generation, of which she's very proud and wants to make a significant impact. Higher education and achieving a B.A. Degree was a tremendous boon to her horizons in overcoming Turners Syndrome challenges, and gave her the further opportunity to go abroad and study for a Master's degree in International Relations. She even took the initiative to take the Foreign Service Exam hoping to examine the unique challenges and opportunities of a service career abroad.

Her dedication didn't always pay dividends back over the years, but NEVER lost determination and hope in completing the path she was dedicated to in her field of study. That is what she seeks to pursue as she turns 40 and, as expressed goes "Forward From Forty" toward a more focused and productive period over the next few years.


As she doesn't seek any more than what will facilitate the necessary expenses, time is of the essence to raise such funds. However, she feels there is a deep well of appreciation and recognition in the merits of a generation sometimes lost in the shadows and regarded as too lethargic to engage in world affairs and leadership.

WHAT IS MORE, such financial help will not only aid in the completion of her M.A,, but enable her to continue her travel projects abroad and engage in forums and programs to advance her abilities as a freelance writer she has talent and interest in pursuing. These include English teaching, environmental programs to various regions, and other endeavors allowing further research and ability to meet various people and cultures.

Such initial 'seed patronage' would return dividends, as she's not looking for a handout, but handshake - not pity but patronage - not charity but challenge - to which she can certainly rise to and meet, as such funding and network of associates and mentors can provide.

PLEASE give your most considered support. Read this again if with an open heart and able benefactor-ability for Jennifer as someone who will be worthy of your time, support, and financing.

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