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CrowdFunding promotion HDkey -World 1st Phone to Phone Charger technology

posted Jan 30, 2015, 12:34 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Jan 30, 2015, 12:35 AM ]

Worlds 1st Phone to Phone smart charger (Micro USB) technology that will perhaps outdate Power Banks
Indiegogo Technology


The fuel for Invention!

 " It was  an unplanned trekking with my friends .The place was great to enjoy but everything went in vain when one of my friend's phone was switched off just before he could complete an important business call . He was struck with a major deal and none of us had his clients number so that he could callback using any of our phones. 

We somehow wanted to bring back his phone alive so that we could continue the trek. But we weren't that lucky because all our power banks were at home and there was no charging point's across miles , All we were left was a bunch of friends & their phones . Finally,  We had to cancel the trek and return back in a hurry.

We realized that there is a critical need to make emergency charging simple .  Our phone can run out dead any time as we usually don't keep a track on the battery stats . Once our phone is switched off , Our contacts / messages / notes , everything will be shut down. Imagine a person goes for an interview in some new city but once he reaches, his phone dies out of charge .  The contact details of the interviewer were on his phone . Now where should he go ? How would he find the place? Whom he shall scream for help?  the time is running really fast with pressure struck tightly in his mind !

We had seen lots of examples like this and we really wanted to bring out some solution. We held up our self with a commitment to make emergency charging even simpler. We worked ,worked and worked . Finally were successful  in coming up with a fully working prototype of a gadget that allows phone to phone charge sharing.  We thus invented HDkey - The worlds first phone to Phone Charger " 

-  Ameen ,  Co-founder waferlabs

Phone to Phone Charging Demo

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YouTube Video

HDkey : Video explainer

YouTube Video

Charge your Phone using Another Phone !

[ Patent Pending ] HDkey is a phone to phone charger which can charge any micro USB device like camera , phone or any device that supports microUSB using another phone .  Now its No more a worry when you hate carrying power banks and No more a hassle when your  phone runs out of charge . Just connect your Phone to your friends phone and get your phone charging . And Nope ! your friends phone wont drain out of battery quickly. 

Not Just Phones , You can charge any device which supports micro USB using your phone via HDkey . All your portable device's supporting micro USB can be charged using HDkey. 

HDkey  Phone to Phone charger is a tiny and lightweight gadget that will charge your  phone or camera almost anywhere around the world .

Not Just Charging , HDkey charger also allows you to share HD videos / Pics with 20x bluetooth speeds , automate tasks using built in NFC along with charging your device whenever you require it the most .


HDkey Features :

1.  Allows to charge your phone / camera / music player or any micro-usb device using Another Phone . Now you don't require to carry your chargers / power banks when your travel

2. Supports High speed data sharing : you can transfer HD pics / videos with USB speeds - It takes very less batter power and faster than bluetooth

3. Supports NFC : you can automate your phone tasks using NFC inbuilt with HDkey

4. Lightweight and Compact : weighs just 6 Grams and has a size of 2.5x3.5 cms. Comes with a key holder designs to make you carry it easily anywhere across the globe .

The Lightweight Phone Charger ever !

Powerbanks ! we know it doesn't fit your pocket and yes, those bulky things will ruin your date or business meeting . That is why we have kept HDkey the lightest ever than any other product . You wont Beleive it, HDkey phone charger weights just 6 grams , Yes! for real. It's the perfect travel companion and will fit in those tight spaces in your pockets very easily. It's extremely powerful gadget to stay along with you wherever  you go . Also , It can charge even larger devices like the camera or music players . So, its time to grab this useful gadget and stay charged - Always 

Size : 2.5 x 3.5 cms 

weight:  6 grams (without the keyholder ring )


Designed for People in Fashion

HDkey Phone to Phone charger comes with a unique and fashionable Key holder design . It can add to your daily fashion accessory and indeed a great tool to fit in your Pocket

Gadget Better Than Power Banks

Power banks are too boring in size and looks . Also we know your schedule is bit tight and you usually forget charging power banks . That is Why we have Invented HDKey for you .

" HDkey turns people around you into Power Banks. So Power banks are all around you , You just have to plug your phone to their's " I bet you don't even require to recharge them like you do to your powerbanks . Now it's not required to carry your phone charger or pack up your bag with power banks . HDkey Phone chargerallows you to charge your phone using another phone  .It's an Awesome new device across the globe which allows on the go and hassle free charging .

Just connect your phone and your friend's phone using HDkey , and your phone instantly starts charging . Whats all ,  Do you still require to carry those bulky power banks ?

Better Than Wifi and Bluetooth

No matter what files you require to share with your friends, No matter whats the file size , HDkey is awesome device when you need to transfer data and better than Bluetooth and Wifi Technologies. HDkey allows USB transfer rates which can help in seemless high speed data sharing without losing much of your battery or patience. 

We know wifi data sharing is Power Draining . Untill you complete sending your friend a HDvideo, Your phone starts yelling " Low battery" and yes, bluetooth is quite slow for any data sharing purpose .

The difference in data transfer between bluetooth and USB is Extreme .HDkey allows you with a 20x data transfer speed when compared to bluetooth. While wifi file transfer consumes much of your battery , HDkey allows usb transfer which requires less power compared to wifi . Doesnt it sound better when you have to share GB's of data to your family and friends ?

NFC technology for Automation:

HDkey charger has a built in NFC with it. You can Automate your Tasks or write your business card on it using any NFC enabled Phone  . So the next time you have to give your contact to someone, You just need to tap HDkey charger on your friend's phone .

There are Quite vast things you can do using NFC. You can tap HDkey charger to turn your phone into low power mode ( turing off wifi , bluetooth , etc ) or you can just turn your phone to silent whenever you  are in a meeting . All you have to do is the write the corresponding task to HDkey charger using any of the NFC writer app supporting your phone.

 " #HDkey - The coolest gadget on indiegogo and a better alternative for Bulky power banks . Get your #HDkey and be a part of this charging technology revolution  "


The HDkey charger is extremely low price offered only for early IndieGoGo backers. The pricing is much low compared to any power bank or any normal charger . Give the gift of power to all your family and friends and be a part of revolution for seamless phone to phone charging and High speed data sharing gadget .


HDKey - the charger Invention featured on:

Our Recent coverage on NextBigWhat

Economic Times , Jan 1st 2015 ( New Years Day )


Phone charger




Message from Founder !

HDkey technology

Hi guys, This is Ameen from WaferLabs - A startup by experienced engineers with strong passion to deliver the best out of technology for the people across the globe.

After experiencing frustration with the battery life of our smartphones, we thought  power banks can be a handy tool . Since power banks are quite bulky to fit in our pockets and its very often that users forget to charge them , We thought there should be a better alternative .

The inspiration comes from a day when me and my friends were on a trekking , and one of my friend's phone was switched off just before he had to attend an urgent business call . There was no power sources , No power banks around us , All we had was just a bunch of friends with mobile phones, Everyone helpless !

We decided to do something: create the world's most compact device which can allow hassle free phone to phone charging , high speed data transfer and automation using NFC , to be always carried along. 

HDKey is a very simple product, yet so useful that we believe everybody should own one. That's why one of our main goals was to keep it affordable, lightweight and fashionable.  Its a Awesome new thing which is a must for everyone.

Little About Funding :

We need considerable investment so that we can build the next innovative and low cost product for the consumer industry .Althrough we have a qualified team , we require more engineers to work with us for the successful tapeout of our current and upcoming projects  . We do even require investments for buying the components in bulk , its assembly and again, throughout testing . We hope our research and effort will be a of a considerable value to the consumer hardware industry .

We do have experienced and qualified engineers to deliver this project but since we are still a startup , we are very limited with resources . we need your financial and moral support to bringout this project  in the first production runs. Depending on your level of support, you will get various tokens of our appreciation, and you will be an important person in making HDkey a successful and resourceful product for the consumer mobile/hardware industry.

Our team is constantly working with various fashion designers and students to continuously refine HDkey in terms of its looks, feels, style and functionality. Funding this project will ultimately help speeding up the ongoing development and will help us cross the barriers to cover the engineering  , fabrication , marketing and promotion costs. We think with your support we will be able to deliver this project at the earliest possible time . HDkey will indeed be a  great product to everyone !

We are currently updating a webpage and are coming up with a video demonstration which will let you know more about the work progress and the features of the HDkey . You can check out on 

Power Bank

Prototype Gallery

How to Charge Your Phone from your Friends Phone using HDkey

Note: The host device needs to support on the go usb (OTG) for successful operation . However any phone that supports microUSB (type b) can be charged using host phone.

YouTube Video

How to Share data from between two phones using HDkey

Note: The host device must support on the go usb for the successful operation charger

About WaferLabs

Ameen , A masters holder in Electronics with expertise in hardware design and entrepreneurship started a venture 'WaferLabs' with a handpicked team of qualified professionals having strong passion to bring in innovative technology solutions over the globe . The Team behind WaferLabs includes expertise hardware professionals and tech savy individuals , professional consultants and interns.  

HDkey is designed considering various inputs / suggestions / feedback received by experienced fashion designers , college students and general public .

We have been researching on the area  which save's considerable power for portable devices . since we are concentrated into internet of things, we required a lot of professionals having expertise hands in low power designs and power optimizations, Hence large parts of our team have been concentrating into these areas. 


QA's for HDkey 

Q1 : If in case , I am charging my phone using my friends phone, Will my friends battery drain out quickly ? Is HDkey 100% efficient.

A : Batteries or mobile power cannot be figured accurately for efficency , There is considerable loss of charge but definitely not a scenario where charge drains very quickly . The figures are negligible but also depends on lots of other factors like - the process running on your phone , your phones hardware specification , your battery health and so on .

Q2 : Do you think asking friends phone to charge yours is a good idea? .

A : Obviously it depends on the situation. Imagine your phone is left out with zero charge and you  require your phone to stay alive for some urgent call . you dont have any power sources around you . In this scenario you can just plug your phone to another phone inorder to start charging . Ofcourse , For normal charging, You do have regular chargers and power banks . HDkey comes into action in cases of emergencies .

Q3 : Is every device integrated with NFC or it has some extra costs.

A : No extra costs , you can enjoy the features with every HDkey 

Q4 :  Your Funding goal is just $500 , are you sure to make it out within this? 

A : Since HDkey is of a new device , people wonder how things happens and keep thinking untill they get to see it working . $500 is the minimum goal we need to make HDkey happen.  Once we reach this, we will ship samples to backers and get a transparent feedback from them . Based on the feedback received , we will be refining out HDkey and enhancing it to support more features and functionalities . We will be suitably rewarding the backers for the time they took  to give feedback to the community.

More Questions, We will be glad to answer , Please write us at info at