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CrowdFunding promotion Game of Quests - gamified activity tracking app

posted Feb 4, 2015, 12:16 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 4, 2015, 12:16 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off

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A gamified activity tracking app to support your personal development

"The old man turned cautiously. The door creaked. A little bit of snow broke in through old, leaky windows. Fire in the fireplace flickered vigorously. Such a blizzard haven’t been seen here for ages. Younger ones probably won’t find it unusual. Just a severe winter. But the elders remember. It’s not just an unpleasant weather. 

There is something in the air. It’s an omen of things that cannot be told. A presage so terrifying that is not even passed down from generation to generation. A horror always starts the same way. Nobody wants to remember that they have come out of the Owl Mountains. It’s not that far away from here.

The old man turned his gaze back to the fading glow of the fireplace. He wiped his sweaty forehead. Maybe it really is just a blizzard? After all, there are no Vortghali anymore, they have been defeated a long time ago."

Chronicles of Valia, Volume I (PDF, download)

Welcome to Game of Quests – a game and an activity tracking app which will both entertain and help you to develop.

First GOQ universe is a world of dwarfs, humans, elfs and other mystery beings. Select your race and start leveling in three classes: boost up your strength and stamina as a warrior (completing fitness quests), work on intelligence and skills as a mage (quests based on culture) or socialize and help to protect the environment as a druid (social, ecological and relationship quests). And remember, a true champion pretends to be the best in EVERY possible way.

Play together with your friends. Track their progress, challenge them, win and be the best.

We want GOQ to base on RPG-like character development with leveling and equipment. We’ve created a special currency called "milestones” which you can earn by completing special quests and spend on weapons, armours or robes available in the shop.

You can level up in all of three classes independently. We have already created running quests for warrior, culture based check-in quests for mage and ecological, cycling quests for druid, so you can start your journey just right now! Download our beta from Google Play and visit our site:

Creating an avatar is the most important thing at Game of Quests. Adventure starts here. Select a race (human, elf, dwarf), sex and skin. Customize it and wait no longer to start the game.

To help you get motivated, we’ve created quests based on location. Run, ride a bike or check-in at different places to gain experience points and milestones (the currency of Valia). 

Like in a geniune RPG game, a character is developed by gaining experience from accomplished quests. There are 3 independent classes available – a mage, a druid, or a warrior, switchable at any moment.

Milestones are the virtual currency used in GOQ. It can be earned by accomplishing special quests and spent on some breathtaking equipment which will both improve your progress and make your avatar look awesome ☺

GOQ is a community-oriented project. Invite your friends and track their progress and new friendships. Compete or collaborate with them to be even mightier.

Not sure whether to switch from your favourite activity tracker to Game of Quests? Why not to stick with both! After each running or cycling session GOQ allows you to export detalied data in standardized GPX format which is compatible with other popular services like Endomondo.

We strongly believe that only real actions should matter and that fair play is crucial for healthy competition. Game of Quests features an anti-cheating system.

All your check-ins, running and cycling sessions are stored in your record book. Check it out to know which class is your strongest one and which needs to be developed.

Our main goal is to implement a story into the game. We would like to make your actions matter and guide you through the fantasy world of Game of Quests, a place full of colorful heroes and memorable adventures.

Programming, dancing, cooking... Would you like your favourite activities to become genuine GOQ quests? Let us know! We would love to continuously expand the list of available quests being driven by your invoice.

Fantasy is not your taste? We are glad to announce that as soon as we release a final version of Game of Quests (ETA July 2015), we will start working on another universa of your choice.

Good stories are never predictable. Imagine unexpected events, climatic side quests or even meeting an NPC. All this to keep you motivated and make sure you do your best.

In most RPG games you have to form a fellowship. We will give you a chance to do so in our app as well.

We are working on ranks & leaderboards, so you could be the champion among all of your friends.

We are planning to serve our adrenaline maniacs with to so called duels - real-time 1 vs 1 competition opportunities. Challenge your friends or strangers, win and be the best!

Expansion to iOS and Windows Phone is a natural way of progress. Additionally, we will create a desktop version featuring access to detailed statistics, settings, quest history and much, much more!

Just like you, we don’t like cheaters. Your real actions is what should matter. That’s why we want to provide you with a better, even more reliable anti-cheating system which would efficiently verify every quest.

Stability is a key for the joy to come. A part of donations will also be spent on improving the capabilities of our infrastructure and latest security standards.

Integration with other apps and devices is our last but not least goal we want to achieve. Do you feel bounded with your favourite activity-tracking app? Do you have a great tracking device? We want to integrate GOQ with most popular apps/devices, so that you can still develop your virtual character with us!