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CrowdFunding promotion Flashier Version of Traditional Shoes

posted May 13, 2015, 10:08 PM by J Shaw   [ updated May 13, 2015, 10:32 PM ]

Are you ready to make the leap into quality shoes? Help us to make a pair for you

StitchDown Shoes reflect the beauty and hard work after many months of design, prototyping and finally production. As a small and dedicated team of professionals of design, engineering and business, We are working day and night to make and deliver you the Best.  

Our inspiration combines modern style and rich artisan heritage...

Being one of the few shoemakers that still uses a hand–lasting process, Our each pair is unique through its detail, color and comfort. The leather we buy is tanned in one of the oldest leather tanneries in the subcontinent. Inspired and designed in Canberraand Multan (the city of Saints),


 We knew exactly what we wanted in our Designs - something that was durable, sophisticated and versatile enough for our busy lifestyles. Our inspiration came from our awesome friends and our favorite day of the week. Every single day that is full of work and play, you need to be ready for anything. From the very beginning we promised ourselves that we would always go the extra mile and never take short cuts. We wanted to do things the right way, not the cheap or the fast way, but the long & painstaking way to make a world class product. We spent lots of time looking for a great factory. We found one that had the experience we needed to make our shoes, but also had an anchor for tradition and passion for the art of making shoes by hand. The craftsmen and women in this artisan factory have been making shoes for generations and they've become exceedingly good at it.

 We have scheduled our production run to begin on June 20th. While there are some risks (see below), we aim to have StitchDown on your feet within 3 weeks of the campaign closing. After choosing your perk, we will message you directly  within 24 hours to get your style/color/size selections. Because we are using a lean production process and manufacturing shoes as they are being ordered, it is important to fill out the selection survey as quickly as possible. Your fast reply enables us to deliver your StitchDown shoes sooner!

 Because ...
 You want comfort! You want a shoe that doesn't constantly remind you you're wearing a shoe- that actually makes walking and being active an enjoyable, ergonomic experience both your back and feet will thank you for. 
You need quality! Manufactured by hand right there in the Subcontinent, is what you want and it's what we are so proud to deliver. Our shoes are tough enough to withstand the wear of daily life as well as the most rugged outdoor terrain available. 
You crave style! Not only does the shoe need to fit, but it needs to look awesome too. Our (soon to be expanding) selection of colors insures you have an option for any wardrobe, and with these fashionable and sporty styling you'll be turning heads wherever you go.