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CrowdFunding promotion FlacCloud - Future of Digital Music

posted Feb 3, 2015, 9:50 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 3, 2015, 9:50 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off

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Stream and Download studio quality Music anywhere anytime using any device.

FLACCloud is the World's most advanced music portal. 

There are a lot of different music websites and smartphone apps out there, but they are all limited to offering music in low quality formats  (such as .MP3 and .AAC). The popular digital music outlets are then limited by their functionality: some offer streaming services and some offer purchasing music legally. Furthermore, nearly all music stores lack in cross-platform feature. So we decided to come up with an all-round solution that is not compromising audio quality whatsoever.  

MP3s in your music library don’t do the original recordings justice.

.Mp3 format became immensely popular all thanks to the slower-than-a-snail internet speed of '90s. Back then it was a big leap in terms of quality of digital music back then. The music industry is still getting dominated by .mp3 format with 92.7% of iTunes audio downloads.
In the high-speed internet era, mp3 is an outdated music format. To make an appropriate comparison .mp3 format is more or less the DVD quality video in times of Ultra HD Blu-Ray disks. FLACCloud is a multi-platform music store that deals exclusively in Lossless Audio formats and you get far superior music quality. 

FLACCloud is a result of several audiophile brains working together. The portal is mostly developed using the features we did not receive with other music stores coupled with some features of our own.
Its one app offering services of four different apps. FLACCloud is what you want it to be be it a music purchasing app like Apple iTunes, Streaming app like Spotify, Cloud storage app like DropBox, or a simple yet powerful music player you love. Do everything you ever wished to do with a good music player and it works on your desktop and smartphones. 

What are the features?
  • Stream your favorite music in lossless format. Enjoy the studio quality sound anywhere you are. 
  • All songs are stored in cloud storage. No need to worry about device space. 
  • Save songs on local device to listen in offline mode. 
  • Take your music library with you. Access FLACCloud using web browser, iOS and Android app. 
  • Use your FLACCloud account as a cloud locker to store images, music and everything you want. 
  • Make playlists and share your favorite tracks with your friends. 

The Risks & Challenges
One potential challenge is that the negotiation stages as well as finalizing the deal could take much longer than expected with some record labels and independent artists. We've intentionally set a generous timeline for all parts of the process based on where we currently stand. With our current progress and timeline we will be up-and-running before August.
Through all of this process, we'll communicate often and inform our backers on where we are in the process. We'll also be here to answer any questions you have about the product and about how things are going. 
If you have any questions, or if you are interested in becoming an associate /...
You can contact us directly on
 You can connect to us on our TwitterFacebookYouTube, and Google+ pages. 

What is the cloud storage offered in different reward accounts?
- The free cloud storage with Premium Account is 30GB. For a platinum account allowed space is 50GB. 
Are the music files purchased on FLACCloud are accounted against the allowed cloud space?
- No. The cloud space counts only the files you have uploaded into your FLACCLoud account. 
Can we upload documents and archive files in our cloud storage?
- Yes. You can upload files in any format as long as you have enough cloud storage space left in your account. 
Is there a Windows phone app coming?
- In the first phase of launch, FLACCloud is only offering apps for Android and iOS devices (smartphones and tablets).