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CrowdFunding promotion Feature Film: The Tale of a Pusher POST-PRODUCTION

posted May 13, 2015, 11:14 PM by J Shaw   [ updated May 13, 2015, 11:14 PM ]

YouTube Video

The Tale of a Pusher is an urban action-drama feature film. It is a No-Budget passion project.

   This footage has not been properly color graded & some visual effects are missing.

About Us

We are in desperate need of funds for the post-production process of our feature filmThe Tale of a Pusher. I, Ryan Rachall, am the writer/director/editor. But I can't do it all. (If I did, the film would never be completed). Production dragged on much longer than anticipated. (Shit happens...) So we're simply broke. We are currently doing our best to pull our own money together, but we have bills and we're not well off. We're young college graduates looking for their break, and trying to get out of the student debt. 

(Pictured LEFT: Andre Randle, Actor/Producer;  RIGHT: Ryan Rachall, Writer/Director/Producer)

(Pictured MIDDLE: JaQuincy Atkins, Actor; RIGHT: Cheska Dy, Actress/Producer)

Our Needs

We already have a Sound Designer and a Composer on board. We are currentlynegotiating with Colorists and Visual Effects(VFX) artists. These people deserve compensation for the many long hours they will put into this film. Please help us give them what they will have more than earned.

With your help we can spend the money it takes to have the post work done bytrained/experienced professionals in a quarter of the time it would take me to do it all. When it comes to Sound Design, Composing Music, Color Grading, & VFX I'm not the guy for the job. (I can't wear ALL the hats, nor should I) Film is all aboutcollaboration.

There will be blood.


  • SOUND DESIGNER: $1,000
  • COLORIST: $1,500
  • VFX ARTIST: $2,000

You know, that really isn't asking much. Consider that their workload could stretch anywhere from 1-3 months. Since this is an Indie film + No-Budget, they have agreed to lower their rates quite a bit. Which means... they should be getting paid more.

Our minimum goal is just that, the absolute bare minimum. If we can raise more than $4,500 it will only make the film better. Raising additional funds will allow them to prioritize the project by taking time away from work and/or other gigs. It may also allow us to speed up the work flow by hiring additional artists/colorists. Plus, it will greatly improve the level of detail we can reach with every necessaryeffect, edit, & tweak. There are other expenses we could use the help with, such as festival fees and registration cost of AFM. And of course, it will also permit us to offer awesome unlock-able perks. (Including actual props used in the film.)

Have fun explaining it's powdered sugar to the SWAT and DEA agents at your door.

Critical Opportunities

I've always said that, "When you're making a film it takes time and money. The less money you have the more time it takes." (Yeah, I quoted myself. Like a boss!)

And guess what guys, time is a factor. Our window is closing... We have every intention of premiering this film at Film Festivals. And there is a critical opportunity for it's success in November. That's when the American Film market(AFM) will be held in Santa Monica. This is our greatest hope to get this film in the hands of established distributors. They can see to it that our film is seen, not just heard of. It cost $300 just to attend. This is not an event to be taken lightly.

"I'll have the lucky break with a side of foot in the door."

I was fortunate enough to attend AFM 2 years ago for free as a film student and view several conferences plus talk one on one with many people working in the film industry. This afforded me insider information on not only what distributors are looking for, but also the best means to set up appointments, methods of selling your film, and how to navigate the event.

Final Point

We've come a long way with this project. ("If I do say so myself." -Jay-Z) We've almost crossed the finish line. With YOUR help, by God, we'll actually pull this thing off. Thanks to you, your time, and capital we'll be able to exclaim from mountain tops, "The Tale of a Pusher, coming Fall 2015!" (NOT TO MENTION, We'll be able to laugh in the face of everyone who didn't believe in us. UHN! Suck it, Gary!) If your name is Gary and you've contributed to this campaign, not you. I wasn't talking about you. I love you. Awkward internet hug? <(O_O)>

Beyond contributing, please don't forget to like us, link us, share us, etc.("Because knowing is half the battle." -G.I. Joe)

"Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride. Nobody's gonna slow me down. Oh, no. I've got to keep on movin'."