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CrowdFunding promotion FÅÇÅDE Branded Toques (FACADE)

posted Feb 19, 2015, 11:43 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 19, 2015, 11:44 PM ]   Discount code for 40% off

Contemporary, fashion-forward toques, perfect for the winter-spring transition that you can wear multiple ways.

About this project

What exactly are you funding?

I need YOUR HELP to fund the production of the first 50 original FÅÇÅDE branded toques.Each toque will be manufactured and assembled with care in Toronto, Ontario. They will be distributed within the city and shipped worldwide. Be one of the first ones to own a FÅÇÅDE branded toque and make a statement!


What is a toque and why should I be interested?

  • knit headwear, generally worn outdoors to beat the chill, covering the top of the head and ears. 
  • Brought into Canadian culture from the French Canadian settlers of the 20th Century.
  • statement piece, carrying logos, colours, textures, and graphics that embody uniqueness and self-identity. 

The FÅÇÅDE branded toque:

The FACADE branded toque is comprised of several components: 

  • an 100% acrylic body that is embroidered with the brand name, FÅÇÅDE across the front 
  • an inner lining made of soft and sustainable bamboo cotton
  • a silk-screened illustrationoriginally drawn by hand along the inner lining that can be shown, upon rolling up the toque

What makes the FÅÇÅDE branded toque so unique from other brands?

The toque can be worn interchangeably - that's right ONE TOQUE = THREE DIFFERENT LOOKS. SEE BELOW:

  • with the embroidered brand name exposed

  •  rolling up the brim to expose the illustration
  •  flipped inside out!

The toque also features an illustration drawn entirely by hand. The illustration of a sugar-skull-inspired female figure with an exposed skeletal and clockwork body originated from a self-portrait done by the artist. The value of the hand-made is embodied in this illustration, as the artist states "I refuse to be a cog in the machine" (mass-production assembly line). To read more about the inspiration behind the illustration, CLICK HERE.

By funding this project,  you will be investing in unique and functional pieces that you can rock at maximum versatility! 

Buy one today and get a limited edition bandana added on as a bundle for $50! 

(Every silk-screened print is done by hand and shows the uniqueness in every individual item.)

Risks and challenges

Production challenges such as achieving efficient print quality is essential in establishing the artistic integrity of the image and the brand. Each silkscreen print is selected based on the utmost highest quality and contrast of ink while retaining every last bit of detail.

Assembly of the toque is also critical as it requires multiple parties to facilitate the embroidery, silk-screening the image onto the lining, buying the fabric from suppliers, and sewing the lining into the toque by hand. All materials are made and assembled in Toronto, with the utmost care and top-notch quality.

Thus being said, there may be foreseeable production delays from these different parties due to their fulfillment of other projects and tasks at hand. I will try to minimize and eliminate delays by tracking each production date diligently while making sure two processes such as toque embroidery and silkscreening can occur simultaneously.