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CrowdFunding promotion Extend Your Fruits & Veggies' Life, Keep Them Fresher Longer

posted Feb 12, 2015, 1:32 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 12, 2015, 1:33 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off

World's Best Freshness Booster Lets Your Fruits & Veggies Live Longer, Reducing Food Waste. Kid Friendly, BPA Free, Organic & Lovely!

About this project

Dear Backer,

Every year, Americans throw away 35 million TONS of food. That’s 1,160 pounds of uneaten food every year for a family of 4 - more than enough to feed another hungry mouth.

We can do better.

The Green Hearts are a safe, effective gadget you place in your fridge to keep your fruits and vegetables fresher, longer. They can $ave you time and money and cut down on food waste.

We conducted an initial survey to find out if The Green Hearts would fill a need in the marketplace.

The results of our survey were shocking.

When asked about produce spoiling too quickly, more than 10% of people said they believednothing can be done to solve this problem. Another 8% thought the problem was because of commercialized, non-organic produce (which is a myth – because the problem applies to organic produce too).

These informal results lead us to believe there's a demand for a safe, simple, inexpensive gadget consumers can use in their home, that will enhance their produce life, and keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer.

The Green Hearts are the world's safest and most effective produce life booster for consumer use. In layman's terms, they keep your fruits and vegetables fresher, longer, saving you time and money. Plus, they come in a lovely green heart shape!

The science beyond this idea is easy to explain.

The Green Hearts take advantage of technology that farmers and florists have been using for decades to effectively store produce and greens.

Proper produce storage consists of three components:

  • 1.Perfect humidity - not too dry, not too wet.
  • 2.Correct temperature - 35-45 °F average, after ripening
  • 3.Controlling EthyleneThat's the natural plant hormone, which causes fruits and vegetables to over-ripen and spoil.

Your fridge takes care of temperature and humidity. The Green Hearts control the ethylene.

Ethylene is a odorless, colorless natural gas that causes fruits and vegetables to over-ripen and spoil. The more your produce ripens, the more ethylene it emits, speeding the process along.

The Green Hearts contain a patented, non-toxic, OMRI organic certified material that absorbs and neutralizes Ethylene gas.

Pop The Green Hearts in your produce drawer and let them do the rest...

No magic, No gimmick. Simply absorbs excess Ethylene gas and helps keeping your fruits and veggies freshly alive!

Choose the Product that has been tested ...and tested ...and tested some more!

Throughout this monster testing phase we have been continuously tweaking and optimizingThe Green Hearts.

All in all there have been several changes made to the design since the very first prototype.

The result?

Simply put: there is nothing available anywhere that can compare to The Green Hearts.

Technology used by pros, becoming household!Technology used by pros, becoming household!

The Green Hearts are the brainchild of the folks at Ahdorma Inc., after being for nearly two decades in the home water filtering industry, bringing pure, healthy water to consumers across the United States and beyond.

For a long time, it’s been our goal to incorporate a “social service” facet into our business model by introducing a product that not only works well, but gives back to the community.

We believe The Green Hearts are that product.

✓ Laboratory proven, pays for itself week after week, month after month

✓ Effective Safe, BPA free plastic

✓ Kids friendly, no worries it will be mistaken as candy

✓ OMRI organic certified...and Recyclable too

✓ Full Refund Guaranteed – simply pays to try!

As a company we strive to sell, and keep you happy.

We hate handling returns. Our current refund rate is 0.34% -- far below the industry standard.We love it and want to keep it that way.

We believe domestic sourcing is the best way to ensure safe and durable products. Furthermore, quality control checks on overseas manufacturing plants involve costly operations.

"This Simple Gadget Could Help Your Fruit Last Three Times Longer""This Simple Gadget Could Help Your Fruit Last Three Times Longer"

When added to international shipping costs, it minimizes the savings gained by manufacturing overseas.

Bottom line – we're proud to be able to say we're manufacturing in the USA.

The Green Hearts use proven technology to make produce last longer - not just some sales hype.

Refrigeration is one of the most important methods used to delay the processes of senescence. When combined with modified atmosphere, it causes ripening delay and keeps fruit according to consumer needs.

Modified atmosphere is a quite versatile, relatively simple, and low cost technology that can be applied to various types of produce. Its efficacy can be increased by combining it with theorganic absorber, using potassium permanganate (KMnO4) to oxidize the ethylene.

But not all settings of potassium permanganate as an absorber, are equal. It really depends on the type of fruit or vegetable used in the study.

A prestigious research paper reports a range of 0.02 to 1.58 ppm ethylene in home refrigerators. In that paper, the late Dr. Adel Kader suggests that using Ozone produced by UV or similar to oxidize ethylene would not be first choice.

The remaining cost-effective method suggested using packets of potassium permanganate (PP) as absorbers.

Without going into lengthy details on how PP is utilized to properly absorb ethylene, the fact is, that produce and floral industries have used this method for decades. Furthermore, PP was introduced in the past, in various shapes and forms. Although beneficial in general, its' remaining problems are now being solved with the introduction of The Green Hearts. It will pay for itself, week after week & month after month.

We’ve eaten up nearly all of our budget with Research and Development, which has yielded an easy-to-use, refillable and kid-friendly design.

Exposing caustic substances to children is not the smartest idea... But you don't want a "sealed" gadget either.  This project solves your dilemma; kid-friendly "refillable" Green Hearts!Exposing caustic substances to children is not the smartest idea... But you don't want a "sealed" gadget either. This project solves your dilemma; kid-friendly "refillable" Green Hearts!

With the help of crowdfunding, we can fast-track manufacturing and make The Green Hearts a marketplace reality.

  • Fabrication of Injection Molds usually takes 4-5 weeks.
  • Manufacturing the gadget & Assembling takes another 3 weeks.
  • Packing and Inspecting orders may be done in 7-20 business days.

With the prototypes done, we're ready to market a simple inexpensive gadget which can be used by consumers, just like the distributors do.

Here on Kickstarter, it is possible to pledge to each project only once from a single account. Accordingly, you can choose only one reward tier per pledge. However, you can always change your pledge amount & reward selection for as long as the project runs.

The desired procedure for a family of 2-4 is using 2 gadgets, one for each produce crisper, and replacing the packet once every 12 to 16 weeks.

Once this project is funded, in addition to working on fulfilling rewards, we will aggressively publicize the "secret" on how anyone can properly storage their fruits and veggies so they remain fresh & alive!

The project will also make it easier for consumers to incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies into their diets, which is a major factor in fighting the obesity epidemic.

"A little potassium goes a long way toward curbing your food waste""A little potassium goes a long way toward curbing your food waste"

While hundreds of thousands of tons of food go to waste every year after spoiling in consumers’ homes, thousands of other households struggle with hunger. Funding of this project will help cut down on all this wasted food.

Yes! together we can stop the waste, with non-toxic, kid-friendly, organic certified stuff.

Risks and challenges

Bringing a new product to life is always challenging, and requires utmost attention. Specifically when developing molds for mass production.

We've set the shipping & delivery timeline accordingly, taking into consideration that we might need to tweak the design after the manufacturing process.

Another issue would be if the project is over-funded by a very significant amount - but even with that, the worst-case scenario would only be a small delay on some of the Rewards being shipped.

As with any project, we prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We look forward to be able to ship ahead of schedule.

Thanks again for your kind support!