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CrowdFunding promotion Events Ambassadors

posted Feb 20, 2015, 3:35 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 20, 2015, 3:36 PM ]   Discount code for 40% off

Be a part of the action: Networking Apps for Inspirational Events and Destinations

If you love travelling and  events, if you are a professional who want to keep in constant contact with a wide audience, if you are an event or travel professional who want to expand your horizons, Events Ambassadors has something for you.

 You can create so much within our Apps: your own community, a fan wall for your prefered destination, you prefered event, your prefered property, offer your services or products. As a traveller, you will have exclusive offers from our partners.

Last but not least, you can create your own App, using the most advanced features available today. 

For travel and event lovers:  All our Perks offer an equal value rewards to spend among hundreds of different Holiday Packages, City Breaks, Spa Holidays, Adventure Experiences. All inspiration for every participant to choose how to spend their reward, thanks to our travel partners.

For Weddings and Wedding Planners : This is our contribution for all couples or their Wedding Planner who plan their Wedding. 

For Corporates: Choose one of our perks available for Apps Corp. creation and have your App available for iphone, ipad, android, html5,  and a lovely seaside holiday for 10 days for free for everyone! Please follow the link for all features included.

For Travel and Event Profs Choose one of our perks available for Apps Corp. creation and have your App available for iphone, ipad, android, html5,  and you free listing as recommended partner in one of our destination Apps. Please follow the link for all features included.

All Apps for Corporates and Travel/Events Profs include 25% discount for life for the support/hosting monthly subsrciption, which is 39 euro, billed quarterly. 

"Mobile apps have an immediate return on investment by cutting down printing cost for any event or business"..

But let me say a few words about me and my backround, please: events and travel have been my main personal and business interest for the last 21 years, 1997 was the year I established my own travel and events magazine, Xenios.

Xenios, according to Greek mythology, is the name of the God of Hospitallity, Xenios Zeus to be exact. Xenios Zeus is the father of the Gods and the protector of every traveller, so we are in good hands!

 It has been a great journey so far through Xenios, it gave me the opportunity to travel in many different countries, to participate in hundreds of events, conferences and exhibitions. I have established many creative partnerships in all continents and made great friends.

However, i feel the journey has just begun and I enjoy seeing the new generation smiling to us. There are so much more for us to do in the events and travel industry - technology will travel our inspiration the coming years.

Events community is the most active one among the travellers of the world and here we are to give to each member of this community the invitation to become theAmbassador of her/his favourite Event/events.

A series of dedicated Apps for all platforms, for every place and its events, supported by web.

Of course you will see many events from every part of the world, but also from every corner of Greece - I'm a Greek and my Xenios & XeniosWorld made their first steps(and second, and third) in Greece.

Greece is an amazing country, a wonderful destination where every event has its unique character. If we would speak for weddings for example, you will find it very difficult to choose among the Aegean islands(me and my wife chose St Paul, in Lindos, Rhodes.. Google it, you will see what I mean).

Why to become an Event Ambassador with us?

For Professionals: Every event and travel professional, every Venue,  a wide range of categories of professionals, can take advantage of our Apps network and online media and be a part of it .  

You will grow your business  with our network of thousands of event lovers, event planners, travellers and travel professionals, share with our community, our partners, our clients, a profitable and creative network. 

For individuals: All our Perks offer an equal value reward coupon, you can spend it choosing among hundreds of different Holidays, City Breaks, Spa Packages, Adventure Experiences. An offer from more than 100 travel and event professionals from different destinations, many of them have already create their App with us. 

One more time, I want to thank all our partners for their invaluable support!