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CrowdFunding promotion END Veteran Poverty! - US - CANADA - UK

posted Apr 10, 2015, 8:26 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 10, 2015, 8:26 AM ]

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For decades charities backed by public generosity have led the way in care and rehabilitation of military veterans. This has been standard practice in wealthy countries like the US, Canada and the UK.

Unfortunately Veterans have been political punchbags for many governments across our three great nations, using poverty stricken veterans for political gain seems second nature.

WE AIM TO CHANGE THAT and believe our business model has the right attributes to to make veteran poverty a thing of the past and better yet, "veterans are helping veterans by helping themselves".

Please don't wait, make a donation today and be proud of the part you played in ending this tragic curse of poverty among veterans. 

  • The above video is a great and memorable example of a homeless veteran makeover which was commissioned by Dégagé Ministries in 2013 and went viral with the help of Rob Bliss Creative

We hear some amazing success stories about veterans and salute them for all they do to support the various causes. But we cannot ignore the tragic stories of those veterans for whom transition to civilian life is a battle in itself.

  • Military MODEL is a world first, dedicated to supplying 100% military veterans for promotional purposes or as Brand Ambassadors. Founders Ricky AUDAIN and Truman VAN NES have researched Departments of Defense in the USA, Canada and the UK and it really is clear to see that not enough is being done to stem the growth in numbers of homeless and hungry military veterans.
  • The fact is most of the work to bring an end to this problem is being done charity groups whose numbers have soared in recent times. This is no coincidence, it simply means the governments are NOT doing enough. The charities who continue to lead the way are exceptional and our nations will always be grateful to them. We believe a new approach will go a long way toward solving this problem.
  • Why Military MODEL? The video above is a clear indication that veterans, even at their lowest and with moderate help can improve their appearance and worthiness. 
  • We hope to tap into that momentary boost in confidence, pride and worth to ensure businesses react to offer that single olive branch of hope
  • We propose working with support groups across our three countries of interest to ensure the opportunity to progress is taken.
  • We do not and will never discriminate against any veteran joining our website on grounds of race, gender, sexuality, religion, physical appearance or ability. 
  • Everybody is welcome providing you are a military veteran of the USA, Canada and the UK.

That said, we must acknowledge that there are mental casualties of the system.

  • The above video is testament to what can be achieved with the help of the public.
  • Across the US, Canada and the UK there are many many barbers and hairdressers already offering their services FREE or at incredibly reduced rates to veterans. We will engage them all with a view to creating what can  potentially be the worlds biggest makeover community.
  • 9 out 10 veterans only need one chance and they will seize it with both hands.
  • We have devised a system whereby small, medium and large businesses use a military model (Brand Ambassador) for promotional purposes. This of course can be TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor and online. This is not about their military service and continued use of the uniform, its about rewarding and appreciating them as civilians who have served and/or fought for our freedom. We all have a duty to ensure the comfort and safety of our veterans.
  • Military MODEL is committed to working with the Defense Departments of US, Canada and the UK to ask businesses to step up in the fight against veteran poverty. Our company will NOT charge the businesses to use our models / brand ambassadors, neither will we take a commission from the veterans. The majority of businesses promote in some capacity and if we can ask a majority to use a veteran. That in itself goes a long way to restoring a beautiful confidence lost.
  • By contributing to this project you will enable us to hire the the right technical team to develop the appropriate back end of the website, the front end is already complete. Also to ensure all three countries are adequately covered with the right sales teams.

    • Military MODEL is seeking $50,000 USD which will cover the cost of hiring a technical team to create and build the back end of our website. Efforts will continue in earnest to build on the vast database of businesses we already have. 
    • As soon as is possible, we will seek to build our sales team in the US and the UK. On standby we have a UK National Sales Director (Experience of 20 years +) willing to join us as soon as we are ready. Highly considered as one of the best salesmen we have ever met and worked with for years. We also have in place a Model and Regional Sales Manager at a US telecoms giant will also join as US National Sales Director. The money will also go towards a definitive marketing plan covering all aspects of social media and potential press coverage.
    • REWARDS: Pledgers will receive 'limited edition' Military MODEL branded  hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts, calendars and opportunities to be represented on our website. Everybody will receive progress reports until we launch. Serving Members of the military and veterans who contribute at least $10.00 USD will have their first years subscription free of charge.

    The Impact of Veteran Poverty

    The UK's Lord Ashcroft said 'it is a misconception that most veterans ended up in difficulty'. 

    • For years charities and the media have perpetuated views of veterans suffering from serious mental and physical problems and generally end up homeless, in prison or worse. A considerably irresponsible approach in a world dictated by media. A soldier is proud, strong and generally very disciplined. Returning home from service is a blessing and should never be classed as hell. When joining the rank of veteran becomes a war in itself, we MUST take note 
    • Military MODEL is our brand but the core of our business is NOT 'MODEL', but 'BRAND AMBASSADOR'. 
    • But for a small exception, the vast majority of veterans just want a chance, and we can give it to them

    Risks & Challenges

    Creating awareness of how easy it is to help a veteran will be challenging but with so many already cutting hair, offering clothing and hygiene gifts, we're already halfway there. Business can also do more and we believe they will if the right solution is put to them. A military MODEL (Brand Ambassador) will almost certainly cost less and the return on that investment will show in community spirit.

    • Veterans know they are helping other veterans by helping themselves and in doing so, restoring a beautiful pride lost.
    • Advertising on the whole has changed dramatically over the last 2-3 decades. The public relates more to brand ambassadors / real people than they do to "super / glamour / beautiful models"

    Other Ways You Can Help

    If you are unable to contribute financially, please don't be put off:

    • You can be part of this massive achievement simply by sharing our page with your friends, asking them to share it and following us on Twitter / Facebook.
    • Remember for a donation as small as $20.00 you will receive a Military MODEL branded t-shirt.
    • Use the social media buttons to share this with everyone possible!
    • Do you own a Marketing Company in the US, Canada or the UK? You can support us by offering some visibility as a donation

    Thank you for supporting us