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CrowdFunding promotion Devil's Legacy : The Animated Series

posted Mar 3, 2015, 12:18 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Mar 3, 2015, 12:18 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off

A dramatic and utopian anime that will explore the meaning of fighting for the ones you love when you are backed into a corner

About this project

Risks and challenges

1. We are a Legal company with our production department in Manila. We also have an office in Italy and in the Netherlands, where we keep track of all phases regarding this production. Ask and you can visit our production department if you are in the neighbourhood, we will be pleased to meet you and show you the process behind a high quality animation production. We didn't put together a team just for one project only, but to have a great and long future in the world of anime, to achieve a new and refreshing level of anime.

2. We are happy to have our production In-House which makes us fully independent and we don't have to outsource our work to other companies outside. We produce it all ourselves, from the script to the end result, and that's why the costs will not raise and delays normally don't take place. 
It's a wonderful feeling being in charge of it ourselves and being able to correct and manage the project immediately when desired.
3. Here is a FAQ: Why the production department is situated in Manila? 
Well, you should know that so far, the most part of the production of Toei 
Animation, like Dragonball, One Piece, St seya etc. has been done in Manila from 20 years ago. Here you find the best animators, trained by Toei and other big international companies. Another reason is, due to the low costs of life in the Philippines, you are able to reduce the costs of your production and stay within the budget more easily without losing the high quality you ask for. Also big names, like Warner Bros and Disney are producing some shows in the Philippines.

4. It's such a privilege having these professionals in our team, animators who worked on the best series in the world! Please, take a look at their resumes who speak for themselves.

5. We put a great team together which delivers the quality we need to fulfill the high level of our project. We also got many compliments and great comments from professionals in this field for which we are truly happy and proud! This gives us even more power than we already had inside.

6. …... As we all know, when big production companies would be involved, we somehow lose the freedom and limitless creativity we love so much. These kind of companies normally focus more on the mass market and set different goals compared to our strategy. It goes without saying that it can't be our way, not at all. For working together for a long time now with our committed and enthusiastic, creative team, we aim for a lot more.

Being independent and staying it, gives us all the freedom and creativity we love so much. Therefore we turn to crowdfunding to make this happen, to continue in this way and to give our fans and backers the oppurtunity to be really involved in this project, to take part, to create together with us a new way of experiencing anime. Sharing the passion but also still keeping all the respect it deserves for being art. This will make you and us proud! To have helped creating something different, something wonderful, something that can make dreams come true. 
We are at the end of our page, it was hard and fun making it, we hope you enjoy our project and support us by pledging it .

We thank you again for all your support!

The Team.

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