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CrowdFunding promotion Design Android, iOS, Windows Apps Without Coding

posted Jan 26, 2015, 11:53 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Jan 26, 2015, 11:53 PM ]

Make android, apple and windows based apps NO CODING REQUIRED. offline tool ever build.

Whats all about SmartClipse ?

Smartclipse IDE is a revolutionary software which can be used to design, develop & build Android, iOS & Windows based applications without writing single line of code.
smartclipse has a unique Drag N Drop environment which makes it easy to design the UI of any app, It also has event based programming  which lets you to set preferred actions to be triggered  as you want & when you want.


User can customize the style, Orientation, color, fonts, borders, opacity, margin very easily, can add features like Push Notifications, GPS Tracking, and many more by just drag N drop step. 

Features of SmartClipse IDE

  • Ability to Design Apps for Android, iOS, Windows Platforms

  • Ability to Build Native Apps for Phones, Tablets & Wearable’s

  • Generated Apps will adapt all screen sizes.

  • 100 % WYSIWYG Layout (Drag & Drop Features)

  • Software will be compatible with Windows-7,Windows-8 & Mac

  • Designing Environment will have live preview of apps

  • Software will work in 32 bit & 64 bit Computers

  • Designing work and build process of apps will be completely offline (NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED)

  • Designing Environment can be similar to MS Office

  • Ribbon Interface “or” MS Visual Studio 10 Interface

  • Apps will support custom fonts and Google fonts

  • Style of apps will be highly customizable (fonts, font color, background color, background opacity, Border color, border width, border radius, border type etc.)

  • Installation of Software in Computer

  • After Installation: Software Interface Window will Open

  • Option to Create New App or Ability to View/Edit Saved App

  • Ability to Add Pre-Defined Features only (through Drag & Drop Option

Create App

  • Ability to Select App Type (Display all Predefined App Categories)

  • Ability to Upload Logo of App

  • Ability to Enter App Name

  • Select Background Image

  • Select Navigation Layout

  • Select Color Theme

  • Display all Pages Name & Icons (available in selected category)

  • Option to Select any Page (Page Preview will be Display in Demo Mobile Screen)

  • Manage (Upload/Remove) Page Icons

  • Manage (Add/Edit/Delete) Page Content (through WYSIWYG Editor)

  • Manage (Upload/Remove) Images

  • Manage Form & Form Fields (Entered Values will be send to Email ID & Database also)

  • Add any Other Features (Predefined Features)

Add New Page

  • Add Page Name & Icons

  • Add Content & Images

  • Add Forms & Form Fields (Entered Values will be send to Email ID & Database also)

  • Add Other Features (Predefined Features) Option to Save App

  • Option to Download App Code in ZIP file for

  • Android/Windows/iOS Platforms

Rich Push Notifications

  • Rich Push Notification Features can be Integrate with App

  • Notifications for upcoming events, news,

  • Promotions & special offers

  • When App User will receive any

  • Notification/Message then Push Notification will be appears on Mobile screen

GPS Functions

  • App User can Track/Search the Location

  • Ability to View Route Direction

  • Option to Send own Location to any user (via Emails, Text Messages)

Searching For Records In Any Database & Export

  • Database contains: Registration/Signup form,

  • Enquiry form and any other custom form Records

  • App Owner can Search any Records in Database

  • Ability to Search by Name, Address, Contact No., Email ID etc.

  • Ability to Send Email to any email ID from Database

  • Records can Export in Excel, CSV, PDF Format

Header & Footer

  • App Header is predefined & It Contains:

  • Logo/Name of Company, Contact Details

  • App Footer is predefined & It Contains: Quick

  • links, Copyright text, Social Media Icons

Tracking via Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics Code will be Inserts at the time of App Creation

  • App Owner can view App Statistics

  • Ability to view App Visitors, Screen Views,

  • Location wise Visitors etc

Monetizing via Google Ad-Sense & Air-Push

  • App Owner can Insert Ad-Sense or Air-Push

  • Code in App Pages/Screens

  • App Owner can view Clicks on any Ads

Google Maps

  • Integration of Google Map with the App

  • Map will be Display on Front-End

Event Based Programming (if else based loops)

  • User can write Codes on any page

  • Only Event Based Programming (like: If/Else Conditions)

Facebook/Twitter/Google Integration

  • Facebook: Like, Comment, Share features Integration with App

  • Twitter: Tweet, Share features Integration

  • Google: Like, Share features Integration


  • Registration via Email ID

  • Registration via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)

  • Password Recovery Functionality

  • Login with Registered Email ID

  • Login with Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)

SMS Gateway/Voice Call Gateway Integration

  • SMS API Integration with App

  • User can Send SMS through App

  • Voice Call API Integration with App

  • User can make Call to any user through Mobile

 Web View Facility

  • App Owner can View all Database entries in Web Services

Custom App Themes

  • Ability to Create new Theme for App (using WYSIWYG Editor)

  • Ability to Create Page Layout

  • Add Header & Footer

  • Add Images, Content, Form, Form Fields etc.

  • Ability to save theme for future use

Navigation Animation

  • App will support different type of

  • Navigation Animations

  • Integration of Carousel, YouTube, Vimeo, Image

  • Map, Master Objects

App Theme Development (20-25 themes)

  • We will Develop Themes for Different Categories

  • User can use any theme at the time of App Creation  Theme Layout will be same on created App, But

  • Content, Color, Images, Links, Forms etc. can be customize by Creators

What We Need & What You Get

In this IDE Its all about complex coding & architecture and for that we our team is in underway of deep extensive research. we believe that we need to add some more technical specialists in our team to make IDE wisely.  

The Process is proposed as:

1. Research Work
2. Development Work
3. Testing & Debugging Work 
4. Bug Fixing 
5. User Acceptable Tests
6. Resource Management
7. Delivery Program

Above all phases needs a budget & time which we have considered in our plan.
we need all the help possible to make this solution fully functional & Stable.
Once its ready then can be used to build mobile apps easily and quickly.


  1. Anybody Can Make Android, iOS & Windows Apps Without Coding & Language Skills Required, Very Easy To Use
  2.  Apps built under smartclipse took very less time to get ready. The whole  development time is much faster.
  3. Apps for Iphone, Ipad can be designed & build on Windows based desktop, Mac Environment is not compulsory. 
  4. Smartcilpse will minimize the coding and debugging headache, User can concentrate on app designs & creativity.  
  5. Smartclipse always produce 100 % Native apps.
  6. Single Design can be used across Android, Apple & Windows Platforms.

    Risks & Challenges

    Its a task of coding & architecture followed by debugging & further testing. so there might be few chances of complex errors while developing IDE. This kind of IDE has not yet ever made, so this would be probably a first attempt.

      Other Ways You Can Help

      Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean they can't help:

      • Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about your campaign.
      • Remind them to use the Indiegogo share tools!

      And that's all there is to it.