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CrowdFunding promotion DEBBO 52,Art project Incubator and co-working space for artist from Tunisia and Arab World

posted Feb 5, 2015, 2:36 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 5, 2015, 2:39 AM ]

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Short Summary 

DEBBO52( warehouse in tunisian dialect) is 10 minutes far from Habib Bourguiba Main street), Incubator Arts Project, co-working space for artist from Tunisia and Arab World,  is a program of TAABIR , the Tunisian Association for Digital and Artistic expression.

This first Tunisian Incubator Arts Project is led in 2014 by a team of artists and cultural managers. The aim is to contribute to the cultural growth by offering space, technical assistance and administrative expertise, networking for young artists who are developing their own artistic projects.During six months Debbo 52 has incubated innovative project asTHEOSOPHIE , ZIED BAGGA,TRISTAN GAUTIER and Danseurs citoyen .

Why DEBBO 52 ? 

Debbo 52 is implemented to satisfy real needs of young artist as : 

1- Focus on emerging artists creating, building, and prospering cultural scene at Tunisia and Arab World

2- Offer a chance for emerging artists to gain and sharpen essential skills as well as inspire and be inspired by their fellow artists

3- Promote artistic research, help artists to organize exhibitions; produce their projects, collaborat with curators, institutions and record companies.

What We Need

Through co-working space competition we're asking for $8,000  to empower the already existing co-working spaces "Debbo52". 

The Impact 

Our essential objective is to offer not only a space for artists and young fellows to act and create, we also want to generate a whole culture of co-working and support to all art activities . It’s not only a place where people meet or make their rehearsals , yet , we want  to establish a factory for creativeness and an institute which enriches people’s experiences, ideas and knowledge through shared experiences and continuous trainings. 

Such continuity in activities and events will generate  a refined and well-established bunch of artists who feel that they have the open possibilities and a constant support whenever they want to practice, to find information, experts and learning, as art is a matter of gift as same as an endless effort. Hence, once our project and programming improves and develops , all the groups and individuals we support would benefit and grow their projects with us.  

Other Ways You Can Help 

In addition to cultural funds, to sustain our programming and developing , we rely on participative and alternative financing methods ( crowdfunding and bartering "ARTROC") and charitable contributions.

People who enjoy the work of DEBBO52 and want to help support independent performing artists can make a donation.

Furthermore, donations are tax-deductible which is something that would  encourage local corporate to funding  us and have social corporate responsibility.

If you believe in our project, share our ambitions but can’t contribute financially, you can still support us in many ways:

 -Spread the word about DEBBO 52 art project incubatore. Tell people about it and become our supporter !

- Use Zoomaal’s share tools to relay this campaign on social media

-Share DEBBO 52 videos available on our youtube channel and Facebook pages 

-Connect with us on FACEBOOK or  INSTAGRAM and let us know if you have any ideas for Debbo 52 .

Help us share the positive and inspiring side of the Arab world!


We look forward to having you on board & thank you in advance for your support!