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CrowdFunding promotion Crochet for the Mythical and Medieval Festival

posted Feb 1, 2015, 11:51 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 1, 2015, 11:58 PM ]   Discount code for 40% off

I am creating various crochet items for the Second Annual Myrtle Beach Mythical and Medieval Festival, happening in Fall 2015.

About this project

The Myrtle Beach Mythical and Medieval Festival is our version of a Renaissance fair, complete with blacksmiths, fire-dancers, combat displays, archery, and so much more! There's delicious food, breathtaking performances, incredible interactive events, and amazing arrays of handmade goods. 

Last year, I helped create some of the crafted items that were displayed and sold, but I joined the festival too late to assist in any meaningful way. This year I am hoping to have my own booth of 100% natural fiber crocheted items, including but not limited to: hats, fingerless gloves, stuffed animals, and maybe some shawls/wraps and afghans, if I have time to make those. I have a small stock of hats, but have run out of money to afford more yarn. With your help, I can get enough materials to make 50+ hats, 20+ animals, and 25+ glove sets.

Examples of past workExamples of past work

 If I am successful in raising these funds, a large portion of the proceeds from making and selling crochet items at the festival will go to Caleb's Dragonfly Dreams, a local charity affiliated with the festival that helps abused and abandoned children. The rest will go towards more supplies to make and donate handmade gifts to local children for the holidays. 

Risks and challenges

Creating all the items on time, as I do have two part-time jobs and a family, will be my biggest challenge. However, I am confident about my ability to get a lot of work done when the baby is napping. :)

Another issue is actually selling all of my crafted inventory at the festival, but last year they sold out of a lot of the handcrafted goods. And even if they don't sell, they can be donated to local families and/or charities.