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CrowdFunding promotion CouchmanBespoke clothing for everyone, a brand that fits you

posted Apr 9, 2015, 2:23 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 9, 2015, 2:23 AM ]

A fashionably clean and colourful future. Clothing made to measure using organic, fair-trade or recycled cloth with natural dye.

About this project


Hello and welcome to Couchman Bespoke a brand that fits with you. I am Claire the founder, designer and currently the manufacturer of CB, which makes clothing to fit your unique body contours and personal style. Traditional tailoring techniques are used to produce the first fit blocks, that will only fit you, these are then manipulated into the desired silhouette and a first draft toile is made to perfect the fit. This is affordable made to measure, that is lovingly made by hand at all stages and designed to fit with your lifestyle.

Workroom progressWorkroom progress
Final stages of constructionFinal stages of construction

The idea of tailoring garments for a client sparked in 2013 when I became aware of peoples frustration at trying on clothes that didn't quite fit perfectly for the price they were paying. I began to make a basic jacket in a few different sizes to see where the common issues were and how to easily rectify the problems. Interest grew of me hand making clothes, with some of my friends and family asking for bespoke items for both male and female shapes. This lead to me posting an advert as a bespoke tailor and designer online and in 2014 creating garments for my first client which over that year lead to the interest growing considerably. I work full time in a store, meaning that my tailoring can only take place at the weekends and some evenings. I now live in East London giving me more time to spend on the business, however I would like to outsource the manufacturing to a local company allowing me to recapture my spare time. I also wish to develop the brand into a 'modern size' made to measure collection of women's workwear, where alterations can take place at time of purchase by hand.

Developments of my office style collectionDevelopments of my office style collection
Developments of office style collectionDevelopments of office style collection

Your donations will fund the manufacturing of this collection and the sourcing of eco-friendly cloth. I have done a lot of research into this area over the past 2 years and have recently seen the price of organic and eco cloth fall. I feel happier manufacturing in a sustainable way and try to recycle as much as I can in everyday life, this is my contribution to the planets future. Would you like to join me?

Fashion friendly futureFashion friendly future

I am aiming for an ethical fashion future with my brand, where garments fit personally and will last through the seasons. My clothing designs are inspired through art, street style and history, with colour and print featuring throughout the year. I design both men's and women's clothing with an influence from traditional tailoring with current day uses and gadgets in mind. I am inspired to develop my women's workwear, creating more comfortable garments that can be worn outside of the office with ease.

My womenswear 2015 showcase collectionMy womenswear 2015 showcase collection

I promise...

*To be patient; success comes to those who wait. Progression will be steady at first and my commitment to the end goal will pull my focus on a forward path.

*Stay committed; follow though with every project however large or small.

*Enthusiasm; is contagious. I will transpire this about myself, my brand and my customers. My desire is to improve how clothing fits the modern body and the life we live, with an ethos to improving the carbon foot print of clothing.

*To keep curious; about every customer and situation. Continuing to learn from the puzzles in life and build my knowledge to improve situations.

*Be brave; have the courage to take risks necessary to expand my business. I will not sacrifice my ambition to take the easy path, I will keep my end goal in sight.

*I will be forthright; with no hidden agenda from my true motivation. I will be honest with my customers and myself over every situation.

*Be flexible; life is about change and nothing stays the same. I will observe all ups and downs within the coming months and years, adapting my production where appropriate.

A fully heart felt thank you for reading about my brand, I am grateful of your support for this project though any means possible. All donations and social network 'likes and shares' are greatly appreciated and will help me to realise the potential of my brand values. 

Some images of the possible gifts available to be received are to follow.

Portrait by DwainPortrait by Dwain

Risks and challenges

As with any business there are some risks involved and being a new brand they can be intensified. I am confident with the structure of my brand, availability of the factory and the amount of cloth to be sourced, to start my manufacturing from day of funding. If and when any issues with production or sourcing arise I will be quick to sort these efficiently with little disruption to production line. Any extra donations could lead to me being able to concentrate on the business full time and to open a concession in some local boutiques within the next year. Promotion of the Couchman Bespoke brand and its ethics is an area needing prompt improvement. I am constantly updating my Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts under my brand name Couchman Bespoke, although this could be boosted with your help which is as always appreciated. Please share the CB brand with your friends. Twitter: @clairelcouchman Pinterest: CouchmanBespoke