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CrowdFunding promotion Buy : Sell : Rent : Trade for just $1..$9

posted Mar 17, 2015, 3:11 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Mar 17, 2015, 3:11 PM ]

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Buy : Sell : Rent : Trade , anything and everything priced from $1 to $9 across the world.
Project in a Brief: Developing a web platform that supports the world to Buy : Sell : Rent : Trade anything and everything priced from $1 to $9 around the globe.

This fun marketplace will service a wide audience of buyers, sellers, service providers, and will serve as a hub for small transactions that might otherwise be overlooked in a traditional online marketplace.  

While this platform available to virtually all web-savvy consumers, but our target audience will be those consumers and sellers who are currently under-served by mainstream online selling sites.

  • Products or Services can be provided or sold at a cost between $1 to $9 only.
  • Supports to order extra orders up to 9 times.
  • Supports physical product shipping price up to $9 or combine up to 9 times.

With a focus on small transactions, we anticipate strong interest from home based businesses providing inexpensive products, trading transactions among collectors, freelance workers offering simple and quick service, and individuals who wish to sell items that otherwise might be considered ‘too cheap’ to list online.

The Product or Service Seller / Providers:

The platform is aimed at providing a source of revenue for moderately par time income seekers to currently unemployed, stay at home moms (or dads), retired seniors looking to supplement their retirement income and to help individuals and small businesses an opportunity to grow.

The Product / Service Buyers:

The platform is aimed at providing services to anyone limited by a small (or nonexistent) budget, and to market inexpensive items and services offered by those willing to work and sell within a limited pricing structure.

What Kind of Product & Service?

There are many products and services that vary in pricing, depending on location and economic strength.  The 1 to 9 platform helps to bridge the gap between these varying markets and locations, allowing anyone to access inexpensive products and services, no matter their location.

Services may include something as simple as advice and guidance, and can be viewed as a providing a helping hand to someone on a limited budget.  An expert offering their advice or services for a maximum price point of $9 allows individuals and businesses to access great knowledge and experience with minimum expense.

1 to 9 provides the opportunity for people from different countries to market their small products, professional services, advice, or special talent, and to showcase their offerings online.

A small business owner or a new product license can sell their product at a nominal price to increase their brand awareness and market buzz. 

Market Demand?

There is a huge market demand for the kind of products and services that every one need to earn some bucks online and this project helps them greatly to live and achieve their dreams come true.

Project Costs Include:

1. Development: Project Platform Development for both Web & Mobile Devices.

We have already purchased a primary functionality supporting base php & mysql script license, but need to do lot of customization to meet all of our ambition business objectives.

2. Maintenance: Platform customization (custom coding/programming) and continuous ongoing maintenance such as bug fixes and new feature enhancements etc.

3. Hosting: We need high end servers with unlimited disk space & unlimited data transfer and have identified Arvixe Business Class Pro hosting service provider suitable for this platform hosting.

4. Marketing & Promotions:  Any product or business needs marketing and promotion in order to succeed and sustain in their respective market and this will be an ongoing process to make this platform to reach wide range of people across globe.

Manpower Requirement:

To make this project more successful, the following manpower is expected on board.

1.  Director Operations

2.  Project / Online Marketing Manager

3.  PHP & MySQL Developer

4.  Web Designer

5.  SEO Specialist

6.  SEM Specialist

7.  SMO Specialist

8.  Content Writer

9.  Customer Support (2 members in shift)

10.  Office Boy


The prototype and demo is accessible at

Home Page: Lot many features including provision to Showcase Featured Products or Services

Products & Services Page: Provision to Filter by Various Options making it User Friendly.

Random & Top Products / Services Page: Provision to Showcase Random & Top Products / Services.

Products & Services Detail Page: Various Options for Seller & Buyer making it User Friendly.


Those who donate or contribute to this project will get the following benefit.



Thank you for your contribution



Get $11 buying power free for one registered account.



Get $119 buying power free for one registered account.



Get $599 buying power free for one registered account.



Get $1199 buying power free for one registered account.


Your Choice (Any Amount Over and Above)

Get the Equivalent Amount + 20% bonus buying power free for one registered account. (for say, a contribution of $5000 will get $6000 buying power free)

About the Mastermind behind this Project:

Mr. RK Kotha, having 21 years of overall service in Information Technology and over 12+ years in Online Marketing.  He got hands on knowledge, experience and expertise in web technologies, eCommerce and online marketing to make this project more successful.

You may please visit the link to know more about Mr.Kotha.

And Mrs.Surya Sri is an MBA and has good working experience in financial institutes and organizations that had given her an opportunity to deal with  various spectrum of diversified teams at managerial, financial and administration divisions.