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CrowdFunding promotion Business As Un-usual!

posted Apr 21, 2015, 1:42 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 21, 2015, 1:43 AM ]

We have located an awesome property for lease and have a commitment from a customer to use our services! Please help us get this business off the ground!

Business as unusual! Time to shake things up a bit!  No more stereotypical, unprofessional truck drivers to transport people's cars.  No more ancient tow trucks that are substandard and antiquated.  We feel consumers deserve the very best when it comes to transporting what is typically one of the biggest purchases they will make.  That is our goal in our towing and recovery business.  We see this business as one that could be brought out of the last century and professionalized to keep up with an ever changing world.  People are used to doing business in a high tech, modernized society and why should this business be any different?   We're tired of the old ways and see an opportunity to give vehicle owners a safe and professional option when it comes to moving their expensive automobiles.  

My family has worked in and around this business for three generations and we feel it's time to start our own company.  We think job creation in our community is important as well.  We have a real burden for veterans and would like to grow this into a large regional business with the capability of creating jobs, the majority of which we plan on offering to veterans!  We intend to create eight jobs in the first 24 months of operation and we hope to well exceed that within five years.

The job of towing and recovery requires a great deal of responsibility, professionalism, and a willingness to learn and train with the techniques we use.  We feel there are no better potential employees for this than veterans.  We are incorporated but have not felt the time has been right to go full time with the business until now.  Our goal is to raise enough equity to approach the bank/sba and obtain a loan to initiate truck leases and working capital for the first several months.  We plan to start by leasing two trucks and hiring two drivers right away and add additional trucks and employees after the six month mark.

The business will consist of towing, transportation, and accident recovery of automobiles, trucks ,and equipment.  We have a true passion for this business.  Our focus is on professionalism, training, and community involvement and we feel our image combined with strong sales and marketing will make us a leader in an ever growing, very strong market.

We hope everyone will consider our campaign on gofundme.  Having been through our share of financial hard times, we truly understand how important job creation can be and we understand how vets returning from service are in desperate need of jobs.  We hope to create a Christian, family environment for our employees and we look at this business to be as much of a mission and a help to people as it will be for profit. We believe the two can exist together. We will donate 10% of all funds raised to Hope For the Warriors veterans charity!