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CrowdFunding promotion Booty! (A Pirate Card Game Adventure)

posted Apr 30, 2015, 11:58 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 30, 2015, 11:58 PM ]

Booty is a Pirate based card game where you try to collect coins while sabotaging your opponent. Will YOU be the Pirate King?

About this project

What exactly IS Booty!? Booty! is a quick playing Pirate theme card game, simple to play and never the same game twice. It has not been attempted before, because of it's simplicity in design: Acquire 10 Coins to win while sabotaging and plundering your opponents. It's THAT simple. No character cards, no amassing a fleet... just get rich quick! Will you be the Pirate King??

What comes in Booty!? Booty! comes with 50 cards, a gold doubloon (plastic), a set of rules, and a treasure chest tin. How long does a typical game of Booty! take? A game of 4 players usually takes about 20 minutes. A game of 2 players ranges between 5 and 15 minutes.

What age rating is Booty! for? Booty! is meant for ages 8+. The only requirement is to be able to read, although our cards are illustrated, which does help with some of the more difficult words such as "Imperial", "Armada" and "Blockade". We strive to solve the conceptual ideas with the pictures, so younger readers can enjoy the game with their caretakers, family, and friends.

Who would enjoy Booty!? Practically anyone can enjoy Booty! If you enjoy card games, pirates, money, or just competitive games, you will enjoy Booty! With colorful pictures, interesting text, and fast, cut-throat game, you'll enjoy Booty!

About Us:

Armistace Games is a fledgling company looking for it's break. We have been in business developing family friendly games since 2010, but have never been published. We believe that the medium of games is the perfect way to bring families and friends together. Unlike modern game developers, we stay away from video games. Our philosophy is that a system and accompanying game is considered obsolete within a few years of being out there. Instead of using our resources to republish existing games for each console, why not create manual games such as board games, card games, dice games, paper and pencil rpgs, educational kids games and even party games which will last for generations instead of a few short years. It is under this premise we created our first game, Booty!

Our Budget:

Our goal of $18,000 USD is based on the following budget:

$17,125 for production cost of 5,000 units (the minimum our publisher is willing to produce. (The breakdown of cost is $3.25/game plus $875 one time proof fee)

$475 for marketing our products, both in person, advertisements and promotions, and over social media

$400 for shipping costs as well as items used for promotions and reward levels

Evolution of a Game:

Booty! has come a long way thus far. Here are some promo pics we have used on social media with home made prototype cards and our small team of 2 dedicated individuals, passionate in seeing this company and this project greenlight and succeed!

Playtester, AllysinPlaytester, Allysin
A game of Booty! in progress!A game of Booty! in progress!
Home made prototype cards and gold doubloonHome made prototype cards and gold doubloon
Game's Creator, SteveGame's Creator, Steve

Risks and challenges

We are working hard with our publisher to ensure that everything goes smoothly when it comes to production of Booty! However, not everything always goes perfectly, and these are some of the things we have already discussed within our company about what those challenges may be and how to address them.

PACKAGING: Our first idea was to have a treasure chest shaped box, like the one seen in the photo. However, many stores will not carry such unique packaging. Hence, we have agreed that we will manufacture our games in tins to accommodate mainstream markets.

TURNAROUND: We expect to go into full swing as soon as we are greenlit and the campaign ends. It is our goal to ship within 2-3 weeks of campaign completion. However, production times are completely dependent on the manufacturer, and so our solution would be to keep everyone updated on the status of the games through e-mail, text or on our website at:

WHAT IF STORES DON'T WANT TO SELL OUR GAME?: While we dream of popularity and success, we understand that infamy and becoming a household name doesn't happen overnight, and not EVERY game, hobby and retail store will want to invest in our game. That said, we do have promoters and marketers positioned and ready to pitch the products to stores. Also, as a word of confidence, we have a store in Canada also wanting to carry our game! Other ideas we have is to sell through Facebook, Etsy and other sites to gain exposure while we promote our company to mainstream markets.