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CrowdFunding promotion BlinDial App - talk, share, listen free & private

posted Jan 25, 2015, 8:34 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Jan 25, 2015, 8:59 PM ]

Connecting complete stranger to talk, share, and listen. It's free, and amazingly private for the way you want it. Become our agent.

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Risks and challenges

One of our biggest concerns in designing BlinDial App is its servers and data processing centers. An App like BlinDial takes an investment of millions of dollars in server and reliable connection. However, building the App itself is not going to be easy either. Especially if goal is to build a successful App. There are obstacles and complications along the way that we are foresee to face, evaluate and ultimately overcome. Our concerns in developing this App are: 
• Data Centers and Processing Connections 
• BlinDial App idea and designs security 
• End-User interface and system frame 
• Promoting BlinDial into wild vast market of mobile Apps 
• Competitions and similar service providers

BlinDial team is planning to limit the access to the App only to its backers for the time being until enough funds have been raised to open bigger data centers for general public. BlinDial is patenting its creation to stop any authorized use or duplication. Best design and programming teams have been put together to develop BlinDial App in a way that satisfies users’ needs with a fast and reliable service. In the same manner, best advertising agencies are also hired to take care of our marketing and advertising needs. BlinDial is planning to go big with its creation and will use all means of promoting methods and campaigns to do so. Fortunately at this moment BlinDial does not have any competition of its kind and is far ahead from any companies that provide a similar service. With the help of patenting the idea and remarkable service BlinDial is planning to stay ahead and move forwards towards greater improvements offering Blind Call Services.