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CrowdFunding promotion Belvidere Biscuits from The Belvidere Baking Company

posted Jan 25, 2015, 8:54 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Jan 25, 2015, 10:19 PM ]

We have taken a century-old recipe and turned it into a decadent dessert. Our product is a soft, rich, and dense almond-based biscuit.

About this project

The Belvidere Baking Company Logo
The Belvidere Baking Company Logo

We are The Belvidere Baking Company, founded in 2013, and we have taken a century-old recipe and turned it into what we believe is a dessert “experience.” We call it an experience because we have incorporated every aspect of our special family recipe and turned it into something that stands out and stands alone.

In order to succeed in today’s marketplace, a product must capture the imagination of consumers. It must be a product that consumers want, it must be enduring, and it must exceed expectations.  We believe that we have created this product.

Our product is a soft, rich, and dense almond-based biscuit. Its taste is reminiscent of a bygone era, when time and skill were necessary to churn out delicious things to eat. Those who have tried our biscuits have marveled at the delicious flavor and the wonderfully unexpected texture. It brought them back to their grandmothers’ kitchens, and it is this sense of nostalgia that truly sells a product. We have chosen not to use any preservatives or anything artificial because we believe that only fresh, natural, authentic ingredients can create a delicious dessert.

We direct retail to consumers, and will wholesale to the specialty food industry, specifically gourmet food stores, specialty housewares and gift retailers, coffee houses, and restaurants, and will retail directly to the public through our ecommerce shopping site. We will also participate in regional and national food and vendor events. Our goal is to create a loyal customer base in the United States and well beyond. 

The Victorian Era is our inspiration because it was a time when food was the focal point of the family experience and the kitchen the hub of activity from which everything else generated. Everything was made from scratch, and from fresh ingredients. Cooking and baking took time, as dishes and desserts were carefully prepared and tended to, and everything was handmade and homemade.

The Victorian Era evokes a feeling of mystery, beauty, and decadence, the “Gilded Age” of opulence and elegance. It was a time that was simultaneously simple and indulgent, old-fashioned and enlightened, naughty and nice. From Victorian architecture to Victorian fashion to the Victorian lifestyle, society continues to be fascinated and mesmerized by this Age of Opulence.

Our love for rich desserts, along with our interest in the Victorian Era, inspired us to marry the two, and a company was born. We felt that our name, as well, should incorporate our passion, mission, and philosophy, and should, like our product, have an authentic feel and flavor. 

While rifling through hundreds of Victorian images, we came across an old lithograph, dated 1858, of dozens of London locals enjoying a long evening of food and conversation at the Belvidere Tavern. “The Belvidere,” as it was referred to by locals, was a popular meeting place in Victorian London. Bustling and teeming with life, the Belvidere was especially busy on Saturday nights, when people would enjoy an evening repast, concluding with rich and sweet desserts.

Creating a culinary masterpiece, along with the camaraderie that makes those special times memorable, is our goal. We hope that we will earn a permanent place at our customers’ table. 

Risks and challenges

We believe that one of the biggest challenges we face is consumer acceptance and brand recognition. Locally, we have overcome this challenge by being exactly who we say we are and providing exactly what we say we will provide: a spectacular product. That is exactly how we will overcome this challenge in a larger regional market. It is why we have carefully selected the retailers that we are targeting to carry our product. It is also why we use social media so extensively. We also believe our attention to detail and the service we provide to our retail customers and wholesale customers will help us create strong brand awareness. Use of social media sites, as well as online and print advertising, will also help to promote the brand as it has for so many new companies.