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CrowdFunding promotion Bayanihan Fund : Philippine Assistance Portal

posted Apr 29, 2015, 1:36 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 29, 2015, 1:36 AM ]

Kailangan mo ng tulong? Gusto mo makatulong? (You need help? You want to help?) #bFUNd
The Overview

The goal is to establish a Filipino website capable of reaching out those who need assistance and those who are willing to lend a hand. It's a crowdfunding site (same as Indiegogo) where people needing help and people wanting to help meet. 

Pinoys (Filipinos) are born having that distinctive spirit of communal unity (hence the reason the word Bayanihan was used). Our team may not have the power to read other people's mind, but we are positive that most Filipinos want this and most Filipinos need this.

  • This campaign was not created for personal gain as we'll be jeopardizing our social integrity. Please keep in mind that whether we meet the target or not, Bayanihan Fund will go live.
  • The community we planned to develop will not be used as an income generating machine. We are not putting up a 'business'. We intend to make a difference. 

The Details

Funding this campaign is optional. What we need from you is to have the mentality that there is a way out of your problem and that you can be a solution to other people’s problem. As John Donne said 'No Man Is An Island'.

This is more of an awareness movement than a fundraising project. We want to impart the message that anybody can touch someone else’s life if the tool is made available to him. Whatever money we accumulate will give us the momentum in facing the bigger challenge of accomplishing that tool, our objective.

Below are a few features we envision for Bayanihan Fund:

  • Unique TLD (not the common .PH .COM or .COM.PH) for it to stand out
  • Neat, sleek, sophisticated, responsive design to keep it attractive
  • Strict security to protect the users and to prevent abuse of the service
  • Diverse local and international funding options which demonstrate our flexibility 
  • Promos and contests to make it more interactive and engaging to visitors
  • Dedicated blog site for important updates
  • Forum discussion so you can exercise your freedom of speech

    Just so you know, we are in the process of building our team. If your eyes got you on this section thus far, it probably means that you are showing some interest in what we're trying to achieve. In case you want to become one of us, kindly check the perks section on the right for details on how you can join. We'll be more than happy to have you on board.

      The Impact

      Think about this. At some point in your life, you've been in a situation almost similar to any of the following:

      • need to buy a new pair of shoes
      • need to feed a beggar on the street
      • need to support a sick friend on his hospital bills
      • need to fund a genius invention

      Yet what you have in your pocket is just enough for you or your family to survive the day. You need money, so you turn to social media for help. People within your network were hit by their conscience and were pushed to act or do something about it. They eagerly shared your post ('cause that's all they can really do). You received thousands of likes, views, comments, etc. Days or weeks past, your wish is still a wish. Simply because the numbers you collected are not convertible to cash, that's the reality.

      With Bayanihan Fund, things will change. You can create a campaign to raise fund coming from people you know and from kind-hearted strangers. You can check different projects to look for a cause you want to support. You can browse innovative ideas and talents from the Philippines. In addition, you can also meet individuals who share the same interests as yours.


      Q: What do I get out of this?

      A: Campaigning for a drive that would revolutionize the Philippines' social networking may not be motivating enough. We are running these contests to make it more rewarding for our followers.

      #bFUNd Top Contributors. The top 3 with the most personal contributions plus your referrals' contributions wins. To make sure your referral counts, please visitHow To Participate In A Referral Contest

      #bFUNd Campaign Video. The video with the most number of views wins. Here are the mechanics:

      1. Take a selfie video and explain why are you supporting Bayanihan Fund. It doesn't matter whether you use Tagalog (local dialect) or English as long as it is catchy and convincing. (Length should not be greater than five minutes.)
      2. Send your material through email.
      3. We will post your video on our YouTube channel.
      4. We will send you your URL link.
      5. Start promoting your video. (Likewise, we will help you get exposure to all our social media accounts.)
      #bFUNd Blogging. If you have strong appetite about writing, tell your readers about this campaign. The writer with the most referrals' contributions will be named as the blogger king.

      #bFUNd Logo. Email as many entries as you like, however only one winner will be chosen. The following are the requirements:
      • Includes the words Bayanihan Fund
      • Has patriotism or bayanihan theme
      • Accepted formats are PSD, EPS, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF
      • Must be available in two sizes
      #bFUNd One-page Site. Create a Bayanihan Fund landing page hosted in any free webhosting platforms. Your page should have links to our campaign and to all our social media accounts (FacebookTwitterYouTubeGoogle+Instagram). One winner will be declared.
      All entries must be sent to Successful participants will receive a brand new smart phone, Bayanihan Fund T-shirt, and special invitation to join our development team (if you are residing outside of the Philippines, we'll work out a different prize for you). Winners will be announced days after the end of the campaign. 

      Q: Are you competing with Indiegogo?

      A: No. Indiegogo is one of the paramount in global crowdfunding. They are up there. Base upon our study, Filipino crowdfunding projects hosted on international websites get minimal exposure here in the Philippines thus only a few of them are hitting their target amount. And most of those who succeeded are Filipino campaigners living in other countries, they were backed by foreign entities. Our target market is mainly the local audience. We want to introduce crowdfunding in the Philippines and how our 'bayanihan' fits into the process.

      Q: What makes you unique from other local crowdfunding websites?

      A: Our coverage is way more comprehensive. We are not like (innovations), (talents/ideas), (artists), (shirts), or (gifts). Any project, campaign, or cause can be created in Bayanihan Fund. Maybe a tall order, but since we share the same goal, we want to work with the site owners above for the possibility of unifying us all.

      Q: Some tried, some failed. Will you be next in line?

      A: Definitely not. Defunct sites like,,, and are our inspiration. We are passionate about this and we want to stay for good. We don't want to be tagged as 'just another' crowdfunding website so we are mindful of these common mistakes for startups:

      1. Creating website for self-profit
      2. Lack of technical skills and domain knowledge
      3. Poor planning and implementation
      4. Poor management 
      5. Poor marketing strategy

      Q: How do you intend to elude these mistakes you mentioned?

      A: As stated earlier, we're not here to beef up our wallets. Our purpose is to help the Filipino masses. Most of our team members may not have the necessary expertise to build and maintain a crowdfunding website but all of us are willing to take essential trainings and expand our research if needed. If we have enough budget, we are open to tap equipped freelancers to assist us with the tasks and perhaps venture on paid advertising as well.

      Q: Why aren't you using Philippine Peso currency in your campaign?

      A: Indiegogo is not accepting Philippine Peso. Banks and payment processors have their own exchange rates. To avoid any confusion due to inflation/deflation, we'll stick with the current exchange rate at the day of the campaign launch. We will only be using below conversion for transactions associated with this campaign. 

      Q: What do you think is the key to the success of Bayanihan Fund?

      A: The short answer is YOU. Whatever action you decided to take after reading this article will have a direct impact on us. You will define our failure. Our triumph depends on you. 

      It all starts here in Indiegogo. Crowdfunding relies heavily on the network you build, the crowd you pulled together. The volume of support, resources, and awareness we gathered after the conclusion of the campaign will carry over to the formation of Bayanihan Fund.

      Other Ways You Can Help

      Though Philippines has a bloated population, the majority of its citizens does not have a credit card (or shall we say Pinoys are avoiding credit cards due to the temptation they bring). If you belong to the majority but you want to fund the campaign, your alternative is a prepaid debit card. This is being offered in almost all local banks. You can acquire one for as low as P350 from BPI. If you feel this is still a hefty price, you can own a budget debit card from Smart Money for only P100(less than $3).

      It's understandable that some people just can't contribute, but that doesn’t mean they cannot help at all. You can use the magic of any of your social media accounts in broadcasting this campaign #bFUNd. In this era where social media reigns, it has been proven that a single click on that Like/Share button could go as far as being a global trend. Who knows, you might be using Bayanihan Fund in the near future (we can’t imagine how proud that feeling is from your end).

      This is a project that will benefit our fellow kababayans (Filipinos). We hope you will do your part in making it possible.

      Make a noise, make it loud. Spread #bFUNd like wildfire.

      Never interrupt someone doing something you said couldn't be done. 
      -Amelia Earhart