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CrowdFunding promotion AspiredSteps:The coolest app for DIYers & Makers

posted Mar 2, 2015, 1:42 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Mar 2, 2015, 1:42 PM ]   Discount code for 40% off

About this project

Our mission is to change lives, one step at a time.

And to do this, we must empower you to DO-IT-YOURSELF with the one thing you can't live without - your mobile phone.

What is it? 

AspiredSteps is the coolest app to let DIYers learn & earn with friends.

Watch our prototype in action now:

Everyone wants to learn something new.  Whether it's how to make an iPhone app, or how to start a business, we all crave creativity and execution.

Wouldn't it be great if you had a tool so simple and accessible, that you can start a business anywhere?  Imagine building something from scratch that suddenly gains a huge fan base and your fans start purchasing goods from your profile. Now you can build a DIY business without spending a dime.  

And most of all, you can collaborate with a community of makers & DIY enthusiasts, who love to innovate and build new things like:

... do-it-yourself ideas are endless.  Check out some DIY ideas that you can turn into a business:

Our vision is to empower our users to earn through collective learning.

Which means the more people who learn from the things you share, the easier it is for you to fund what you are truly passionate about.  We believe that the only way of learning is by doing.  

And to motivate you to complete the steps, we are:

  • developing a mobile platform that is awesome'r than Instagram.
  • working with makers, small business owners, designers, and even vendors to share a portion of their profits, with you. Shoot me an email if you have products you want to upload:
  • rallying the entire DIY community around the world to support you.
  • turning your interactions into a game - a friendly competition.

YouTube Video

Sit back, relax and watch your fans purchase supplies from your profile's fund page in REAL-TIME! When you hit your goal, simply cash out!

So, how does it work for an aspiring Maker who'd like to learn new things?

We thought you'd never ask.  

STEP 1: Simply explore what other makers are sharing.

STEP 2: Add a project to your profile.

 STEP 3: Complete the steps.

And if you happen to like the product/supplies they are selling, then simply buy it with a click. Mmmm brussel sprouts and grapes. 

  • No more hunting for products online
  • No more second guessing on which supplies were used
  • No more wasting gas for Michaels or Home Depot
  • No more waiting in lines and wasting time
  • No more NOT finding what you need

What will the money be used for? 

We have a working prototype currently being tested by over 500 beta-users. We want to improve the overall design to look simple, yet beautiful. Interface and user-experience is very important to us. We can't launch until we are absolutely sure, you'll love it.  

Our goal is to work with over 1 million makers, vendors and small business owners who are willing to share their profits with you.  We want to make sure you have more than enough content and products to work with.  Once, we achieve this, we will launch for both the iOS and Android platforms - around the world. 

Let's not forget the basics: 

  • Seamless Infrastructure for vendors, suppliers, small business owners to upload products & supplies. 
  • Automation softwares, Servers & Hosts 
  • Bugs, Glitches, User-support, Human-heroes 

 ...and tons of matcha green tea for us to always be on our A game. 

Why pledge AspiredSteps? 

Because we too, believe in you.  We know that finding a full-time job can be difficult. We know how life can take a turn, and suddenly your boss fires you for no reason.  We can only rely on ourselves to learn new things, to pick up a new skill, and to just simply, STEP IT UP.    

Mobile phones consume us, our kids, and the future generations.  

That's why we want to start building a better mobile world.  A world where mobile phones are tools to encourage do-ers to perpetuate innovation.  A world where mobile phones can be our store-fronts that  teach others - a means to improve our quality of life.  

Now, let's take a look at some photos of Good Intention Shirts. 

PLEDGE $30 or more. 

100% Cotton Unisex Good Intention Shirt (Support local photographers: Michael Meltser (left) & Lyra Lopez (right)100% Cotton Unisex Good Intention Shirt (Support local photographers: Michael Meltser (left) & Lyra Lopez (right)
100% Cotton Unisex Good Intention Shirts100% Cotton Unisex Good Intention Shirts


PLEDGE $50 or more. 

Support Local Photographer: Carlos MoscatSupport Local Photographer: Carlos Moscat
Support Local Photographer: Carlos MoscatSupport Local Photographer: Carlos Moscat

Risks and challenges

Behind every great app are greater challenges. The biggest challenge will be getting more than enough content to you as quickly as possible. We're dealing with many moving parts, from community outreach, design, development to usability and most importantly, transparency.

There are always setbacks and we promise to let you know every step of the way how our technology is evolving. The biggest risk is meeting our delivery date to both Google & Apple App stores (End of March, 2015).

There is an approval process from the app stores, but that's nothing we haven't done before. This will basically mean we just need to change a few things to the app before the app store approves it.

We will keep our backers up to date with progress and let you know if anything else comes up.