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CrowdFunding promotion "American Heritage Collection" - Premium Men's accessories.

posted Apr 1, 2015, 12:15 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 1, 2015, 12:22 AM ]

About this project

We are very pleased to present you "American Heritage Collection"!

We create premium quality things, filled with history and fortitude. It is our main goal! We have passion for traditions as a system of timeless values. Being inspired by America in the beginning of the 20th century we made an accessories collection called "American Heritage".Colour-grade, materials and conception of the collection reflect mood and values of that time. It is possible to progress in the future only by relying on strong traditions of the past.

The collection consists of three product categories : 

  • premium bracelets
  • wooden bow-ties
  • genuine leather suspenders.        

The combination of these accessories creates a complete men's style.

"American Heritage" - keeps the best traditions!

All bracelets have size regulation.

 Each bracelet you can adjust perfectly to hand.

Every bow tie is created like a masterpiece of art.

 The fabric patches are easy to wear and easy to change.

 You need just a few seconds to change your suspender ends.

  AGE - Artemiy, Gera, Egor

   Our Marketing Director Artemiy is a former professional sportsman and has master's degree in web design and development. He professionally elaborated graphical design , worked with brand identity and developed internet projects. 

   Our CEO Max (Gera) has a master's degree in automation engineering and management of organizations. He worked as a project manager at the research and technology quality center. Max has excellent business organization skills and he is able to create quality testing method for different types products.

   And chief Designer Egor is the mastermind and soul of the project. He graduated from design college and dedicated five years of his life to collaboration with various brands as a designer. Also, he is an author of some clothes collections and a participant of Odessa Fashion Week.

   We have known each other since childhood and have many common interests, yet often times have different views. After working in our own fields and devoting our time to routine we understand one common idea:  "a person who follows others acts takes a risk to retain nothing". And three years ago we had a wish to unite our knowledge in one common goal. Combining the fields of our knowledge: fashion, marketing and technologies, we created AGE brand conception, which consists of producing high-end products of timeless design to be used for a lifetime.

   Kickstarter is not simply a crowdfunding platform, it is a place where great ideas become reality thanks to people, who believed in them and wanted to take part in a new story. During the three years of our company development, we realized how important it is to have like-minded people. We do everything in way from people to people another and now we need you to join us in achieving this dream. That's why we are here. Henry Ford said : " If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right".And we want to say : " If all together we say that we can do it, we do it!" Let's say "No" to the fast fashion and throw away life style. It's time to change the rules.

Risks and challenges

This is our first rodeo! 
But we have been working and constantly improving in this field for three years. Many customers have been reassured in the quality of our products from previous collections. Our cohesive team keeps innovating and moving forward.
One of the primary challenges when dealing with any physical product like this is complications in manufacturing. 
But we have our own manufacturing for producing and we work directly with reliable suppliers, tested many times. 
So YOU will be always in the loop.