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CrowdFunding promotion Ages Coffee House & Restaurant

posted Jan 20, 2015, 2:34 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Jan 20, 2015, 2:34 AM ]

Ages Coffee house will be a Christian themed for profit restaurant, in Kansas City MO with Gourmet Coffee & table service,

About this project

My plan for Ages Coffee a Christian coffee house and cafe. Featuring fresh store roasted coffee, breakfast, soups, salads and sandwiches. I have been roasting coffee for friends for years. People that like coffee think it's the best stuff they have ever tasted. My biggest issue is roasting coffee in the iron skillet is  time consuming and I have a hard time controlling the temperature of the skillet, and the the degree the coffee is roasted to. 
My plan is to have a shop area with barista service and coffee that can be purchased by the pound, and a dining area with table service This restaurant will help me completely merge my faith with my love for coffee, and food.I hope to be able to establish this in downtown Kansas City during 2015. I know I have set a goal of raising an enormous amount of money.  I plan on giving a great reward. If I can raise more  money I will  buy a roaster with larger capacity, and  continue to sell coffee on the internet and by the pound from the restaurant.

Risks and challenges

Once my project is funded by biggest issue will be finding a building and getting it leased. I have built my plan to include enough money to start a restaurant, buy all of the equipment I need, including the coffee roaster, and pay all of my promissed rewards. There is typically a huge markup in coffee when it goes from green coffee to roasted. I plan on spending nearly half of what I collect to pay my rewards, and to make things easy I have included shipping costs when creating the rewards. I've estimated I could start shipping in May, I plan to hire help and spend about ten weeks roasting coffee before opening the restaurant.