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CrowdFunding promotion A song of the Anxious - Feature Film

posted Feb 2, 2015, 1:05 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 2, 2015, 1:09 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off

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Raising awareness to Mental health issues with the help of the fictional story of an amazing Busker

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A song of the Anxious is a feature film about how one struggle to surpass many difficulties in life – specially focused in GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) – through creativity and talent and by having found the right people in life. After this initial phase we will go intimate into the present and see how she is doing both in her music career as well as fighting some depression (normally associated to GAD) and with GAD.  Written and Directed by João Nogueira  author of The I in-between the Us. – who also suffers from GAD.


Katherine a young, talented and amazing spirited Singer/guitarist/songwriter Busker tell us through an introspective storyline what triggers her conscious to her GAD (and what is to live with it), her problematic childhood, the people that came into her life and the people that left it. The introspective journey allows the audience to understand exactly what she felt and feels during her anxiety and panic attacks. Also it is a story that shows us the pursuit of fulfilment in an age of displaced time. 

Remember one thing, the biggest dangerous of these sort of mental issues is that must of the stories or cries for help are never told! 


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We started a pre-campaign process through our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter,Youtube and Blogspot). 
Katarina Oblak, our Illustrator, had the mission of creating a spectacular visual side exclusive to this pre-campaign capturing an imaginary animated realm. Our film will not be illustrated nor animated, it will be a real live action here everyone knows and feels what their role is. 

Have a moment and listen to the main actors:

Devora Wilde - The main character Katherine

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Max Cavenham - Supporting character Dr. Collins

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Cia Allan - Supporting character Gloria

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We are a channel to help others.

We are a non-profit project and we are professionals in our own areas.

We have gathered support from several institutions like:


The script and the project was very well received among the contacts we made, a fictional story based on the experiences of our director that suffers from GAD.
On our social networks we received similar appealing towards the project and the story. Besides the good reception we had an extraordinary experience: people who contacted us from several parts of the world and that we channel them to the help they needed - We are helping just by existing!


As a non-profit project we need to finance ourselves before starting the shooting itself; however this is a very collaborative team and we work in a manner to be accordingly to the project size and the equity of the cast and crew fees. 

Here is our cost distribution chart. We understand that £26,000 seems like a huge amount; however in film business this is considered a micro-budget that we kept very well balanced. 

Accordingly to the Mental Health Foundation

"Anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental health problems in the UK and elsewhere, yet it is still under-reported, under-diagnosed and under-treated."

    So imagine if you help us and we redistribute your contribute through direct help to those refereed on this article, you will be directly helping not one project but many people in need, since the most complexed issue is, most of the times, not knowing how to tell or to show what these issues are. Henceforward we will break stigmas by showing you the reality of it.  

    And there are always our perks that will be given back as a token of gratitude and as a symbol of hope.


    This is a independent project or more accurate - a social project dependent on every contribution!

    However we are very proactive and resourceful, so if you have a suggestion to make please do, this project is bigger than 1 individual, 1 charity or 1 organization because it is for everyone!

      Other Ways You Can Help

      Share our pages! Talk to your friends; such common problems affect many people that we can pass by everyday unnoticed!
      For last have a look at this interview of our director, we will talk more soon!

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