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CrowdFunding promotion A Thousand Reasons - Romantic Comedy

posted Apr 15, 2015, 12:57 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 15, 2015, 1:01 AM ]

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A faith-based film that targets both the audience that believes, and the audience that does not.

A Thousand Reasons is a modern, faith-based romantic comedy. It's unlike anything that has ever been written, let alone turned into a movie. It's what happens when you take a film like American Pie, The Hangover or Old School and toss a little faith into it! It's an interesting mix, but it's highly entertaining and has a great message, for believers and non-believers.

It's the story of four best friends and their journey that's full love, loss, faith and what happens when those three aspects come together and where life takes you. Sometimes life takes us down a road we didn't expect to travel. But everything has a purpose. Everything happens for a reason. Or so that is what we would like to think.

Making a "Faith-Based Feature Film for those who do not believe.

Here's the big difference between the feature film I am trying to create and the countless Christian or faith-based films already on the market. I am attempting to make a film that can be enjoyed by both audiences, the audience that believes and the audience that does not.

The main character of the story, Lucas, believes in God. His faith is tested, and its a difficult road for him to travel. But his former best friend, Mason, who Lucas has not seen since their college years, is determined to not let him travel that road alone. His best friend does not believe in God, however. So how can someone who does not believe help someone who does not lose their faith? It's an interesting dilemma, that's for sure.

Unlike other "faith-based" films, I do not see the non-believer as the bad guy of the movie. Contrary to that belief, he is actually one of the most crucial parts of Lucas' story. But he does not and will not change his viewpoint on God. Is it possible for two people, who have two completely difference stances on God, to travel down the  road of faith together? And if so, what does that road look like?

Why Crowdfunding? That's a good question!

How we create this movie is as important as what we are creating. Crowdfunding offers an opportunity to consciously create the world around us - to support projects that matter to us. If you feel that it's important for "faith-based" films like this one to be made, and you want to help me get the message delivered in this film, then I invite you to co-create this project with me! Share this with your friends, your networks and communities - and if you feel compelled to jump in as one of the financial co-creators, please check out all the amazing rewards offered on the sidebar, and find the level that feels right for you. 

The more support we receive from you, the more effectively we can co-create this movie in a way that holds true to it's values and core messages.  Our goal is to raise $40,000. If we can surpass this goal, we can increase production value and attention to detail. In other words it will look better, sound better, and most importantly, the message and the film will reach more people and screens.  

With your help, my team and I are going to make the best "faith-based" feature film ever produced. That's a bold statement for me to make, I know. But it is a bold statement that I definitely plan to back up. 

You have A THOUSAND REASONS to not donate to this feature film. But I am hoping you will look inside your heart and find the one reason you should. Whatever that reason may be, I'm sure it is different for everyone. But if you feel like this is something you would like to support, we would love it if you would join us in supporting us bring this unique feature film and it's message to the film industry and audiences world wide!

Thank you.

The Cast Of A Thousand Reasons

Shannon Brown - Lucas

Jessica Cameron - Grace

Marc Edwards - Mason

Jose Santiago - Derrick

Jacyln Francine - Brooklyn

Dave Block - Terry

Jax Turyna - Daisy

Sean Patrick Leonard - Dirk

Arianna Lexus - Candi

Ty Yaeger - Brad

Amy Rapp - Caroline

Talena Caza - Jackie

Suzette Brown - Karla

Jason Seitz - Sebastian

Todd Netheron - Mike