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CrowdFunding promotion 365 Things You Can Do To Help The Environment

posted Mar 7, 2015, 12:44 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Mar 7, 2015, 12:44 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off
A project to create a page-a-day calendar presenting one thing you can do each day to help the environment.

About this project

             Solar Calendar Saves The Planet One Day At A Time

This page-a-day calendar presents one new idea each day of something that you can do to help the environment..

Here is one of the ideas that will be presented in the calendar:  Invite your friends and neighbors to a recycling & composting party.  Also invite an expert from your area to talk about what goes into recycling & composting that shouldn't, what could that is overlooked, and to take questions. If you don't have these services in your area, discuss what steps can be taken to get them.

Inspired by Denver Metro State University environmental science major Rachel Brillante, Lauren Brillante  came up with the idea of presenting one idea each day in a fun, interesting way that is doable and the 365 page-a-day calendar idea was born.

The calendar will be printed by Thomson-Shore, a very green printing company using recyclable wire coil, soy inks, and 100 recycled printing paper and will be recyclable itself.  We also asked them to tell us the size of the calendar to make the best use of the printing paper.  Thomas Shore will be supporting us with printing, marketing, and distribution of the calendar.  We prefer to offer the subscription email version as an electronic offering sending you the page one day at a time,  but some have requested the all at once ebook version which we will make available.

Why are we doing this?  Because we recognize that being wasteful and disconnected to the negative affects we have on our environment is a part of our culture and we really can’t afford to wait to start changing that. And because we understand that it’s not easy to change our behavior and we can be reactive and shut down when we think about the serious challenges we face.Taking one idea, one day at a time is a way to break it down, keep it simple and doable and affect real shifts in our behavior that can add up to make a big difference.

What about the side-affects?  We believe that if you have this calendar on your desk and are learning something new that can help the environment every day, you will inevitably become more connected to and mindful of your environment.  That is the secret super-power of this calendar that only nerdy-cool people can know.  

Why $75,000?  Originally our goal was do a first print run of 2,500 calendars because the first quote we had from a green printer was very high. So we estimated that modestly paying people to do the work necessary to create the calendar and adding promotion and distribution of a 365 page calendar that $75,000 was our minimum.  Then when we hooked up with our new printing partners Thomson-Shore we got a much better quote and so we increased the number of calendars we will print to 5,0000 calendars and we upgraded our rewards so that more was going out to our backers.  With these adjustments and printing and distribution $75,000 is still a realistic minimum.  


Nerdy-Cool Creations LLC is a team of nerdy-cool people offering new, fun ways of engaging change and experiencing connection. Lauren Brillante has a background as a professional accountant and is the executive director of Vote On Purpose.Rachel Brillante is an aspiring science teacher finishing her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science at Metropolitan State University of Denver in May 2015.Matt Puerner has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2D animation and illustration from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design.John Puerner is a talented video game reviewer/creative project manager on the channel MadMonkeyMud on YouTube. 

Risks and challenges

The risks and challenges:

Helping the very people we aim to support (i.e. 'everyone' in the U.S) to understand the real value (to 'everyone') of our simple concept.and to back us financially as well as help us spread the news so that this vision becomes a reality.