The ask: I am a visual artist as well as a writer, so I will reward people with original works of art depending on the amount of money they pledge, so if you help to fund me I will send you something, but this will not come out of the money I am raising; I will foot the bill, including production, postage and handling. Some of the rewards will come out of my 2013 exhibition, The Fit In Room.

I am David Paul Jobling. I have an Advanced Diploma in Professional Writing and am a qualified Trainer and Assessor. My major work has been as an actor in film, television and on stage but I have also written many plays for children and adults. 
I graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art's "Playwright Studio" in 1999 and completed a course in writing comedy at the Australian Film Television and Radio School in 2000. My plays have been produced by various theatre companies including The Sydney Theatre Company and the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust.
As a survivor of child sexual assault I feel very strongly about the lack of resources available to men who are going through the difficult process of forming a statement and discussing abuse that may have happened decades prior.

All I needed when I was going through the process was a little guide to help keep me on track and give me some clues as to where to start with my recollections. One is expected to provide as much detail as possible in the form of dates, times, places... in order to be taken seriously. To do this one needs to have a check list, a plan and a process. I would have felt a whole lot better if I knew what I know now, and that is my primary reason for wanting to create this book. I am also a disabled person and have strong feelings about accessibility, so this Handbook will be accessible.

Can you imagine where to start? I have. Can you imagine how difficult it can get, over time, to keep needing to focus on things that you put out of your mind years earlier? How this activity can erode a person's self-identity and create emotional barriers between yourself and others.

I am a visual artist as well as a writer, so I will reward people with original works of art depending on the amount of money they pledge, so if you help to fund me I will send you something, but this will not come out of the money I am raising; I will foot the bill, including production, postage and handling. Some of the rewards will come out of my 2013 exhibition, The Fit In Room.

This isn't exactly a glamorous campaign, the subject is pretty grim actually, but I do ask you to share it with people and encourage them to donate because every donation will help reach the objective, and that will mean men and boys and people who are working with them will have a resource that has a different insight, a different message, one pitched directly towards them, to encourage them towards a strategy that keeps them empowered and on top of a very demanding process. After all, we abuse survivors often develop an approach that places ourselves in the centre of blame, and that is no good at all.

I do not think the ultimate outcome will be "Australian Only" - it will be useful to all english speaking people, so if you are looking at this from outside of Australia please appreciate that once the resource is published in hard copy it will also go onto the internet and be available to people all over the world with internet access; so if you are thinking, "Not my concern, not my country, not my problem.." or thoughts like that, please reconsider because it may be the friend of a friend, a direct relative of yours or your own dear friend who is suffering quietly as they negotiate their road ahead dealing with an issue men traditionally keep to themselves (and consequently suffer as a result). I will accept donations of any amount it doesn't have to fit the suggested amounts displayed here. If all you can afford is ten dollars, donate ten dollars ~ be part of the solution to the problem that exists.

Also I'd like to point out the handbook will be a talking book as well as a written work. I want this information to be accessible to all, so there will be a credit card sized USB inside the book containing a video of all the contents of the book read clearly (and I'm looking into having this captioned as well).

When you look at the rewards, which you may or may not decide to claim keep this in mind - each reward will be an original gesture, it will not be a copy, it will be an original.

The funds I raise will create the accessible handbook, an ebook version and a free website. I will not be charging money for the resources once created they will be available for free.

When you donate it is not to a money making project, you are funding a means towards an end - the end being a uniquely useful resource for guys going through something extremely difficult created by a guy who has spent years in court rooms dealing with being the victim of a notorious paedophile ring.

Thanks for considering. Have a look at my website, read some of my work, look at some of my visual art... you will notice some running themes. If you have questions please feel free to contact me and I will address any questions/concerns or requests happily.

Again, thanks for taking a look, I hope you can help.