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When should I launch my CrowdFunding Campaign? I think I am ready but not sure.

posted Jun 8, 2014, 1:12 PM by David Khorram
Good question   J.

I  have been asked this question  many times in past.
The answer is simple but requires work and analytic reports
The answer is:  "when you are ready" and crowd has giving you the  signal". These are the steps .

What is the signal?
When you know you can receive at least 30% of the funding goal within two weeks and less after   your  campaign launch.

How ?
1- You need to validate  "your idea and concept". By ASKING the question using your CrowdFunding Landing Page ( i.e or use a portal such as

You need to create an inbound marketing plan and get traffic to your portal. 
These portals have analytics, call for action and email catching databases , which you can ask your question ,  find the interest and answer possible questions.

Analytic reports and number of email addresses you collect will be a good indicator or signal.
2- You need to validate your  "crowd" , its size and see can you generate enough interest from the crowd ( i.e 100 people) and leverage on their crowd ( I.e 10,000 or more. 
To do this and  learn the   concept, you can use our current  program Click here:

As of today we have 8/100 people and social rich is  around 180,000. Campaign one day old and we have 17 days to go .

About Us
Both the above allows you to build your Crowd . 

There are many other techniques success Affinity marketing   that allow you to contact Micro angels  and habitual CrowdFunding buyers  in your vertical of interest . 
If you are interested to  know more , Just 

                    By David Khorram