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Are You Drawing A Crowd? Ask Yourself How Can I Add More Backers and Investors?

We want to be a part of your success; we know CrowdFunding is teamwork - and reaching crowd masses is the goal that gets your campaign funded.

Our experience shows that 1% to 3% of the crowd will invest in your project. Thus time is critical and the more people you can reach, the higher your chance of success. The following social media channels have high potential of producing more interested backers, investors, and funders.

We started four years ago and built the following accounts and communities to find, collaborate, and build the largest CrowdFunding Community in the world. Why? Because we believe CrowdFunding is the "Creator's Economy" which can solve many of the current issues in both the business and social world. . .

These are the few simple steps to become a part of the largest CrowdFunding community in the world:

Step 1 - Social Media Registrations 
Step 2 - Join the CrowdFunding Communities
Step 3 - Promote your Campaign
Step 4- Send us your Press Release. We will publish it for free 
To begin, join these communities - they will heighten you and your campaign's web presence to over 600,000+ CrowdFunding enthusiasts. 
Once you have joined them, post your campaign URL with headlines or taglines.

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Your content will be indexed by Google including your campaign back links.
Once you have joined them, Post your Campaign 

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