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Free CrowdFunding blog posting, announcement and social media promotion

Do you want be part of the largest Crowdfunding communities in the world and publish, distribute and promote  your CrowdFunding 
campaign content for Free?

Step 1 - Complete this form and send us your content.
Step 2 - You will receive an email within 24 hours with our postings (links with analytic). 
Step 3 - We promote you to over 350,000+ CrowdFunding enthusiasts and influencers.

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72,222 Connections

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61,595 Connections

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and more 


Step 4 - We send you your posted links. Using these links, you can further  promote your campaign in your social media accounts.
Step 5 - Join the largest CrowdFunding Social Media communities in the world and promote yourselves.
Step 6 - Now, that you have been promoted to minimum of 350,000 CrowdFunding centric people, you watch and see your traffic and followers grow exponentially. 
Step 7 -  Read the following to learn how, what, why, when. We simply want to be part of your success and at the same time promote our services. We call this "CrowdFunding reciprocity". 

Why do you want to pay for CrowdFunding promotions when you can have it for free? 

Would like us  to post your CrowdFunding news and content for free?
Would like us to create a free blog (announcement)  on CrowdFunding planning portals that collectively have more than thousand daily CrowdFunding "relevant visitors" a day for free?

We can get  started blogging and posting your CrowdFunding campaign content  right away in our portals within 24 hours. 

You should start reaching CrowdFunding enthusiasts  before and during your campaign in order to build your crowd follower and campaign visitors, 

Share your thoughts and CrowdFunding values, join the conversation and meet like minded people. 

 This is a list of website that we will post your CrowdFunding project and campaign :
  1. CrowdFunding Planning blog
  2. Promote My CrowdFunding blog
  3. CrowdFunding Made Easy blog
  4. CrowdFunding daily News blog
At CrowdFunding Planning  you can follow blogger and topics that interest you and make new friends with similar interests.

Would like us for free to distribute and publish your CrowdFunding news or announcement and content?
We are a CrowdFunding project owners supportive community where real discussions take place and honest opinions are expressed.

We also distribute and publish  your blog in our social media accounts for free if  your CrowdFunding project and campaign content  is original, new and not published in any other web location.   

Following is our Social Media accounts and channels. CrowdFunding Planning owns and manage the largest CrowdFunding social Media channels in the world with more than 350,000 followers, friends, pluses, pins .... and etc.
What should you do next to promote your CrowdFunding campaign for free?  
  1. Complete the following form and upload your content
  2. We can accept  your content in two formats
    1. We love Google doc file  ( shared with us at, Or
    2. Uploading a Microsoft doc using above form
  3. Your content could carry text, picture (original) and embed video (provide us with YouTube Link)
    1.  *If you are using an image or video that is not your own, please be sure you have permission to use it or cite the original source of the image to avoid copyright infringement.
  4. your CrowdFunding project and campaign content  should be original, new and not published in any other web location

How much does cost?  
Our CrowdFunding blog posting, Social Media distribution, marketing and promotion is free .

How does it work? 

This is a collaborative work. We do the heavy lifting but you also  need to push the cart and support the promotion. This is the way it works:
  1. You;
    1. Send us your original and new content.
    2. Give CrowdFunding Planning permission to blog your content  in our CrowdFunding portals announcement page or pages.
    3. Join and add yourself and project in CrowdFunding planning Social Media Ecosystem - Please click here to start :
  2. We;
    1. Post your CrowdFunding camping (post launch)  or project (pre launch).
    2. Distribute your blog in our social media account .
    3. Build your blog analytic code for you to follow up progress 
    4. Send you the link to your blog and you post it in your social media accounts and promote more.
This will ripple your message and get you relevant crowdFunding project and campaign visits.  

What are the results?  

For example, this is the result of our CrowdFunding portal  promotion and marketing


Can we promote more?  
  1. Yes!
  2. You can start here by clicking  :

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