There are 55 million CrowdFunding portal unique visitors per month. 
We'll make yours the one that matters.TM

  1. CrowdFunding Education
  2. CrowdFunding Project Consultation
    1. CrowdFunding Campaign Strategy
    2. Crowd Building - Follower Community Development 
    3. CrowdFunding Campaign Technical
    4. CrowdFunding Campaign Tactical
  3. CrowdFunding Campaign Page Development (all components) 
  4. CrowdFunding campaign Promotion Management, and Execution
  5. Post CrowdFunding operation and management 
  6. Start up Early Stage Funding (Match Crowdfunding Projects To qualified Investors)

CrowdFunding campaign is marketing and not financingTM . What is your CrowdFunding marketing strategy?



Our Plan & bundle scales with your CrowdFunding project goal and marketing budget 

You can always customize, scale up or scale down your plan. 

“Working with Crowdfunding Planning is not just signing up with a crowdfunding portal and hoping for the best.  Each campaign owner who works with CFP has access to a personal account manager who can help them maximize their results. We are there for our clients from concept evalution through campaign completion - to answer questions, provide advice and experience, and help focus and refocus the campaign whenever it’s needed.”

“Our clients find that the CFP account managers they work with in setting up their cowdfunding campaign speak the same language they do. CFP gets innovation.  Furthermore, we get that different industries and target audiences require specialized knowledge.  CFP account managers are also experts at helping our clients describe a project and tell a story in a way that speaks to nearly anyone, and that has broad fundraising appeal.” We simply Guarantee you to raise more money than you invest in your CrowdFunding marketing with us!

Start here
Successful Crowdfunding  is a planed process which  requires many actions and many internal promotional and marketing campaigns for example; 
  1. CrowdFunding landing page development  and marketing - webs seo (i.e.  see how our website on on the 1st page 1st position for key phase  crowdfunding mentors -
  2. CrowdFunding Video  development  and marketing - Video seo (i.e. see how our video  on on the 1st page -  2nd position for key phase  crowdfunding mentors) 
  3. CrowdFunding social media development, loading it with relevant Crowd and Social media account seo  (i.e.  see how our video  on on the 1st page  4th  position for key phase  crowdfunding mentors
    1. Twitter optimization  1st page - 5th  position
    2. Linkedin optimization 1st page - 6th  position
    3. Google plus  optimization 1st page - 7th  position
    4. Google plus  optimization 1st page -  8th  position
  4. Crowd building and Community building
    1. Twitter  CrowdFundingPlanning 70K+
    2. Twitter Twitter LearningCrowdFunding 62K+
    3. Twitter CrowdFunding Preview 21K+
    4. Twitter PromoteMyCrowdFund 11K+
    5. Google +  Community Crowdfunidng  5K+
    6. ...
  5. Crowd reach reach 1 million + people
  6. Marketing
    1. Inbound target marketing 
    2. Outbound target marketing 
    3. Influencer marketing 
    4. Affinity Marketing
  7. Business intelligence 
  8. Press and media releases Crowd Amplifier 
  9. Infrastructure CrowdFunding project business infrastructure - collaboration, email, email marketing apps, CRM and databases
  10. CrowdFunding project measurement  Analytic.