Crowd Amplifier

Our CrowdFunding inbound and influencer  Offering 

We offer CrowdFunding project and campaign amplification uisng . Simply methods and techniques to get your CrowdFunding value proposition to  hundreds of thousands and even millions of people.

CrowdFundmadeeasy  Kickstarter and  Indiegogo proportional goal  is to provide a team of CrowdFunding Business Consultants ( that can provide  you and your  CrowdFunding Campaign Managers a with a full portfolio of professional consulting, inbound marketing and influence marketing   services focus on having a successful CrowdFunding campaign.

Our services can assist you with pre crowding ,  throughout CrowdFunding and post CrowdFunding services which in turn will lead to a strong , sustainable business model.

We provide provide you with  full of Pro Bono (free) and Paid (success fee) CrowdFunding Business Consultants that you  can use to build a solid Crowdfunding Management Team and campaign.  CrowdFunding campaign  promotion amplification program 

We are the largest network of CrowdFunding social media account owner and manager in the world. We design effective Thunderclap campaign and invite our network ( around 200,000 ) our network network ( around 300,000) and your network to have a  tremendous Thunderclap campaign focusing the 1st week of your CrowdFunding campaign.

We bring close to 1 million visitors to your campaign door step and help you with your funding and branding . Following is a sample of our promotion for one our own CrowdFunding program : Click here  at the time of this recording we have 766,898 socail reach . Goal is about a 800,000 to a 1000,000 reach by 8 days from the date of the campaign .

Thunderclap is the first crowd-speaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together and Crowd is big part of CrowdFunding. We help you to use it and to leverage your campaign ( Indiegogo marketing , Kickstarter marketing and promotion ..etc.)   to higher level. 

We bring the crowd, you bring the idea!

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